Essential Absurdities

Is it okay to mask children?

It seems not.
It seems not.
It seems not.
It seems not.
Are child abusers in control of television networks?

Why are we doing this to our children?

Is it because the absurdities are essential?

Dr Manny Garcia suggests so, at Perspectives on the Pandemic.

Now that monkeypox has been declared a global health emergency, let’s not forget how the last health “emergency” was handled. Dr. Emanuel Garcia, a New Zealand psychiatrist and medical freedom advocate who emigrated from the United States in 2006, reports on the stages of the absurd and yet all too familiar COVID response in his adopted country.

Applying a psychiatric lens to the public health disasters of masks, lockdowns, and coerced injections, Dr. Garcia’s analysis helps fortify us against the next assault on human dignity, health and freedom.

German MEP Christine Anderson is great at recognising and articulating absurdities.

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