A Charlatans Paradise

Professor Luc Montagnier, Virologist and Nobel Prize winner. Dr Vladimir (Zeb) Zelenko, New York Family Physician and developer of the Zelenko Protocol using early treatment to save lives. Dr Rodger Hodkinson, Canadian Pathologist. Dr Peter McCullough, Cardiologist. World Leader, William Gates, on ensuring noone questions anything named a “vaccine”.

You Are Not Alone

Christmas Day 2021. Yesterday I spoke to a pregnant woman. This is her second pregnancy following a miscarriage in 2020. She was feeling very concerned after taking Dose 1 of an mRNA “vaccine” a month ago which caused her, two days later, to experience a reaction in which she fainted and her extremities turned white, … More You Are Not Alone

Doctor Vladimir Zelenko

Dr Reiner Fuellmich and his team at the ongoing Corona Ausschuss took testimony from Dr Vladimir Zelenko at the end of July, 2021. Since I first started blogging about the public health response being carried out in lock step globally, which at first seemed like incompetence, I’ve realised that it’s not incompetence alone. That there … More Doctor Vladimir Zelenko