Never Again Is Now Global. Part I: Here We Go Again On Steroids

Vera Sharav: The Holocaust could have been avoided. Obedience is what gives tyrants their power.

Vera Sharav was born in Romania in 1937. In 1941 her family were deported to a Ukrainian concentration camp, of which there were 42,000 throughout Europe. Her father died there of typhus, before her 5th birthday. This was a “transit camp”, where they starved but it was not an actual “death camp”. They lived in a constant state of fear (of being transported to a death camp), cold and hunger.

When she was 6 years old Vera’s mother learned a rescue of orphaned children was planned, so she put Vera on the list in order to save her life. A cattle train transported her to a harbour city. Along the way she met a family who she bonded with. At the harbour Vera refused to go on the boat taking the orphaned children and eventually her protests resulted in her going on the boat with the family. The boat transporting the orphaned children was torpedoed and they all died.

Vera recognised from that moment, that sometimes you are right not to obey orders. “I was right not to obey. That’s a lesson that I think has made who I am. In the back of my mind it’s there. I know that if I don’t trust something, if I don’t want to do something, I don’t… I wish people now would draw on their own experience and intuition and not listen to authorities“.

She arrived in the USA in 1948 and wondered where everyone was during the suffering in Europe? She has learned that there are many instances where terrible things including genocides happen in one corner of the world, and the rest of the world is totally disinterested. Most people in impoverished, war torn nations know this truth.

President of the Alliance for Human Research Protection, Vera directed and co-produced a five part docuseries: Never Again is Now Global, being released in order of episode number on subsequent days this week. Part One: Here We Go Again on Steroids was released at 7pm Pacific Standard Time USA, Monday 30 January. Parts II to V will be released daily at the same time, until and including Friday 3 February.

Part I is a series of discourses from a range of Holocaust survivors and/or descendants, comparing the parallels of what they or their parents/grandparents experienced in 1930s-1940s Europe, with what is happening today. This is interesting coming from Jewish survivors themselves, given the nonsense sprouted by deflecting politicians engaged in fascist public-private partnerships, feigning outrage at Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen, who recently dared to make the same comparison.

This episode ends with investigative author and historian Edwin Black (7 minute clip below), discussing the Fascism of Nazi Germany: the public-private partnerships that were established between the political regime and those corporations who helped them accomplish their goals. This seems the most important parallel of all, with today’s globalist establishments and their rich and powerful corporate partners preparing to secure total control over what we do, when, where and how we do it.

This seven minutes of history demonstrates clearly, why we have to resist the various new impositions being placed on us in the name of “safety” and “health”. And why we have to seek information from sources that are not funded and controlled by these collaborating forces.

Stella Gross is also a Holocaust survivor. She remembers a happy childhood until the Germans arrived in Budapest (1944). Her father was taken to a hard labour camp and her mother to a concentration camp. She compares today with her experiences at that time: people telling her what to do, how to do it. Covid is making peoples’ lives miserable. If she says what she wants, she loses friends. But she doesn’t want to die “feeling the same way I did when the Nazis came in”. She asks, why did people not learn from history? She is extremely upset, and heartbroken specifically by what Israel is doing now, agreeing to medical experimentation on the Jewish people. “It’s unfathomable! What happened to people?!“.

Dr Vladimir Zelenko, reported by the New York Times as a “far right wing doctor” because he dared to offer President Trump medical advice when he was diagnosed with Covid in 2020, also features. Dr Zelenko died in September last year, at 48yo. He describes recognising immediately that the media reports were inconsistent with the truth, and the deaths he saw as a result of the prohibition by New York’s Governor Cuomo, of hydroxychloroquine prescriptions for Covid-19 outpatients. This was when he realised “absolute medical tyranny and evil” was underway. Nothing made medical sense. High risk patients who were treated early with anti-inflammatory, anti-viral regimes had an 84% reduced hospitalisation and death rate but his patients who needed treatment began to die. “Anything that gave people hope: hydroxychloroquine, or later Ivermectin, or just the concept of early treatment, was marginalised, vilified, any doctor who spoke up was immediately deplatformed… Debate and truth was irrelevant and what was relevant was what the government wanted you to know“.

Michoel Green, an ordained Orthodox Rabbi, describes the warning signs he recognised from June 2019 when New York State eliminated religious exemption from vaccination. When the pandemic began he felt obliged to protest the policies which were not scientifically substantiated, as this was the justification for the Holocaust and has been used since time immemorial. He sees historical parallels with what is happening today, with governments and corporations banding together to trample on peoples’ liberties. “What we’re seeing here is the same telltale signs of what precipitated the Holocaust in the 1930s. The marginalisation of a minority, identifying the minority as … a public health risk … exactly what Goebbels did and right out of the Nazis’ playbook“. Recently a Holocaust survivor was asked to speak at an event on Holocaust Memorial Day at an Orthodox Jewish institution, but she was cancelled as she had no vaccine papers.

He discusses events in Shanghai, with people being locked into their homes, denied hydration, nutrition and access to medical care – this is a genocide. He appeals to medical professionals and scientists to stop complying with these genocidal, totalitarian policies. “Now it’s not in the hands of the browncoats, it’s in the hands of whitecoats … Now is the Raoul Wallenberg moment …“.

Herge Seligmann is a second generation Holocaust survivor and a biomedical research scientist. His father escaped continental Europe to England and he describes the parallels to today. At that time there was somewhere to escape to, but today the problem is globalised and there is nowhere to escape. Those who pushed for globalisation knowingly or unknowingly created this problem. The incremental introduction of laws is the same thing. The injections being mandated are dangerous, and a modern day version of the gas chambers. In the past 3 years we don’t know who to fight unlike WW2 when they could fight back by joining resistance or armies. Today’s fog of war is much worse than anything historically. He also wonders if the brainwashing today is worse. His grandfather always said that the people he feared most were the doctors, who he witnessed taking part in death, committing experiments on people.

His grandfather also said that the Holocaust would happen again; and to be prepared for it as the government will take your rights if they can; we saw it in Canada with the bank accounts of protestors being frozen. The people behind events of today appear to have the same agenda as the Nazis, with eugenecist ideas such as there being too many people on earth, and a Nazi concept called Lebensraum. [Klaus Scwhab is very connected to Nazism]. Herge discussed the many deaths and harms from the injections, including the long term effects not yet known such as immune system damage; the use of propaganda and control; the collaboration of academics and institutions; the use of pseudoscience.

Henny Fischler is a Holocaust survivor, born in Belgium in 1938. At 4yo the Germans arrived and she was caught with her family attempting to flee to France. They were taken to a French prison and the family were split, her parents taken to Auschwitz where they perished; her brother placed with an Italian family; and Henny put in a cloister where she was very badly treated. During the pandemic she has tried to alert her children and grandchildren as to what is happening. They refuse to listen. She talks about the fact that Nazis remain today, living amongst us and working silently to continue their goals.

Martineke Grossman-Boermeester was born in Holland and had a Jewish paternal grandfather. During the Holocaust he declined to let anyone know he was Jewish. The Nazis suspected it and did many things to cause misery upon the family, but were never able to prove it for sure. [This is where I think about the planned digital ID system: there will never be an escape route if we allow this to be put into place]. The family helped other Jewish people behind the Nazis’ back including creating fake identity cards. They were afraid during this time but refused to let fear rule their lives. They told her that “if you have to lie to live, lie! … Never just do what people tell you to do“. So Martineke asks questions, and she looked directly at the Pfizer website and learned that she was not prepared to take this inoculation. “This is freedom“. She describes her concerns that people have not learned from history and the parallels of events today with the Holocaust.

Clayton Morris of Redacted News spoke with investigative journalist Johnny Vedmore about the history of Klaus Schwab, and why it is relevant to the situation that the world finds itself in now. This is a worthwhile 25 minutes for those trying to make sense of things. Refusing to comply becomes our duty once we understand.

Leaders across the democratic world are collaborating with the World Economic Forum to impose globalised fascism, under a cloud of secrecy, although the veil is slowly lifting.

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