Doctor Vladimir Zelenko

Dr Reiner Fuellmich and his team at the ongoing Corona Ausschuss took testimony from Dr Vladimir Zelenko at the end of July, 2021.

Since I first started blogging about the public health response being carried out in lock step globally, which at first seemed like incompetence, I’ve realised that it’s not incompetence alone. That there is very clearly some sort of ill intent going on at some level. This leaves me with a constant pit in my stomach all day and all night. Mainly because I realise most people continue to follow the line that the incompetent public health responses of locking down healthy society, recommending people who are sick stay at home until they need acute care, stranding the elderly in nursing homes to die alone, and letting those in the poor world starve to death en masse, are somehow justified. Good people, once they think clearly, will understand that these ideas are wrong.

Noone could convince a good person more than the man whose treatment protocol has saved many thousands of lives. His story deserves to be understood before you dismiss it as Helen being “conspiratorial” yet again. Why did I wait until this year to turn into a conspiracist?

Why have so many thousands of valid, credentialed, high level medical scientists turned into conspiracists all of a sudden? Professor Luc Montagnier won the Nobel Prize in 2008 for his virology work on the discovery of HIV. What made him a conspiracist 12 years later? The same can be asked of the many dozens of microbiologists, virologists, immunologists, infectious diseases epidemiologists and medical clinicians whose outspoken opposition to what is happening, I have shared for a year now. I am often very uncomfortable doing so, as I am well aware that the science goes against the pseudoscience pedalled by media and governments, which only make sense to those without infectious disease control training. Which is most people. Including most doctors and nurses.

Most people do not want to play into the hands of this evil situation. Yet most people, so far, are. When Dr Rodger Hodkinson described this as “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public. There is absolutely nothing that can be done to contain this virus other than protecting the vulnerable … This is politics playing medicine and that is a very dangerous game“, I feel it was somewhat of an understatement.

Dr Zelenko worked in a high density community in Upstate New York where he found himself, a family physician (GP), in the midst of the first and worst outbreak of Covid in America, in March-April last year. In the early days he was following guidelines from WHO and CDC, which remain in place, recommending that unwell people go home and only contact the hospital once they are short of breath. This defies medical sense, but of course WHO and CDC are the leaders in health, so why would anyone, treating a “novel virus” that they had no experience with, not follow expert advice?

Dr Zelenko then evolved his knowledge of the disease and recognised a need to offer treatment. More than 80% of people requiring ventilation were dying, as the figures out of New York show. So he risk stratified his patients, and intervened with early anti-viral treatment to his high risk patients. He demonstrated that this simple approach could reduce hospitalisation by 85%. Multiple studies have since confirmed his foundational practice, best described by Dr Peter McCullough who I’ve shared many times. “All I did is suggest that we intervene early in the disease process. Which is the paradigm that we use in medicineWith cancer, we don’t wait until it becomes metastatic before we intervene … It’s not like I chose Covid. It chose me“.

He describes the corruption behind the crimes against humanity which are currently playing out. It all fits into his story and it makes a very interesting story to hear. He has fallen foul of very powerful players and receives regular death threats. He does not benefit by speaking out, has not benefited except in the knowledge that he has saved lives, and as you can see if you listen to him, he is not chasing celebrity star status. In normal times this man would be on our television news constantly. But, for reasons most are yet to realise, these are not normal times.

Chaos reigns in public health led by pseudoscientific ideas : Foundation for Economic Education

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  1. I am in Alice Springs. Can you please get in touch? This has gone too far and the encroaching vaccines mandates are nonsensical. No one I know in AS is lockdown-critical and I am desperate to find like-minded folk before this escalates further.

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