You Are Not Alone

Christmas Day 2021.

Yesterday I spoke to a pregnant woman. This is her second pregnancy following a miscarriage in 2020. She was feeling very concerned after taking Dose 1 of an mRNA “vaccine” a month ago which caused her, two days later, to experience a reaction in which she fainted and her extremities turned white, except her fingertips which turned very dark. When she spoke to her midwife, she was told it was normal. When she called her GP, she was told it was normal. When she called her obstetrician, she was told it was normal. These same people have told her to avoid alcohol, unpasteurised cheeses, certain seafoods and caffeine. Yet she should take Dose 2 now, of an experimental mRNA gene therapy, to keep her job. She is anxious and afraid.

Anxiety, fear and grief will mean that many do not have a Happy Christmas.

These short videos offer some hope.

The Tipping Point

Dr Zelenko : A War Between Two Systems of Thought You don’t need to be religious to find hope in his words.

RC The Rapper: Just Say No

New Zealand’s Dr Sam Bailey presents a summary of what lies behind the very bizarre events being carried out under the guise of keeping society safe in the three part short video series based on an essay by Dr Mark Bailey and Dr John Bevan-Smith, The Covid-19 Fraud & War on Humanity. “Circumstances will only continue to deteriorate unless we rise up peacefully, en masse, to claim back what we have now learned, is so easy to lose. Democracy. The rule of law. And human rights”.

Canadian activist Chris Sky (Saccoccia) shouted at a camera during a protest in early 2020. It was bananas and quickly went viral. He was accused of being an extreme conspiracy theorist. Yet every prediction he made, has happened. He features in the above music video with RC The Rapper, and has been speaking out consistently. He travels Canada informing citizens of their rights via rallies and media interviews. He is featured in many videos at Rumble, Bitchute and Odysee, speaking without fear and with impressive eloquence. One recent example is this interview with Pete Santilli about more of the same “conspiracy theory”.

“… We’re almost there guys. We’re almost through this. Because just like it took everybody a year to realise what was actually going on, now it’s taking everybody months to realise we’ve already won … Know your rights. Protect your rights. Or they will take your rights … United non compliance is the only solution to this problem. This ends when you say no …” ~ Chris Sky

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