Lockdown Debt : High Interest Rate

Isolated indigenous communities in the Americas from the 1400s, and Australia and the South Pacific from the 1700s suffered significant population decimation due to their lack of immunity to introduced infectious diseases from Europe. Professor Sunetra Gupta’s 2013 lecture Pandemics: Are We All Doomed? speaks of the protection that social contact and travel afford populations. … More Lockdown Debt : High Interest Rate

More “Conspiracists”

Recently I messaged a previous manager now working in management for a humanitarian NGO. I asked him to please review the pandemic response and suggested Nick Hudson’s presentation at the April 2021 BizNews conference. He replied “is it another conspiracy”. The blackout of ideas outside the consensus narrative is swift and unconditional. This person is … More More “Conspiracists”

Professor Sunetra Gupta

She is one of the most calm, common sense filled voices of reason and established public health practice throughout this crisis. Here she speaks with a Swedish podcaster for half an hour on her epidemiology and immunology research, the impact of lockdowns compared with focused protection of the vulnerable, herd immunity, the ad hominem attacks … More Professor Sunetra Gupta

Humans and History

Escape From Lockdown is a podcast produced by Alexander McCarron, a British film producer who found himself out of work earlier this year. Since his first podcast interview in April he has spoken with 25 people from different walks of life, all in relation to different aspects relating to England’s, and a lesser extent Europe … More Humans and History

Herd Immunity

These two words are allegedly synonymous with genocide in 2020. Surreal to say the least. The ability of the human immune system has ensured survival of the human race. Today however, the Director-General of the World Health Organisation stated that “Never in the history of public health has herd immunity been used as a strategy … More Herd Immunity

Declarations of Dissent

They started out as Covid Doctors Network but have revamped and renamed. Today’s Statement of the Australian Covid Medical Network speaks for me 100% and I am so thankful for them. Meanwhile, three of the brightest lights through all of this, pre-eminent disease epidemiologists, Professors Martin Kulldorff (Harvard University), Sunetra Gupta (Oxford University) and Jay … More Declarations of Dissent

Tips From Harvard

We Need a Radically Different Approach This excellent article is an interview with two Harvard Professors published in Jacobin Magazine, who describe themselves as “a leading voice of the American left“. I make this distinction because of the accusations of political ideology which often frame perceptions of challenging opinions. Francois Balloux tweeted this today, which … More Tips From Harvard