These Wheels Sure Are Slow

The enormous crimes against humanity playing out globally are beyond distressing. Part of the problem being that people continue to believe a raft of nonsense being told about a “unique” disease. Which the data all show is a very standard respiratory virus related to a bunch of other very standard respiratory viruses including quarter of all common colds.

Thankfully there are people speaking out against the tide, unafraid of the label “conspiracist” bandied about by ill informed people whose whole public health knowledge comes directly from a year of propaganda aired on their television screens. Dr Rand Paul, US Republican senator for Kentucky, is one such brave soul. Challenging the very corrupt Anthony Fauci in senate hearings and daring to state the established knowledge that natural infection confers immunity, he is helping the wheels fall off the corrupt narrative. He is a medical doctor who outlets such as CNN have accused of being “anti science”. This two minute video shows him speaking against gain of function research funded by the National Institutes of Health.

Pseudoscience rules the airwaves in New Zealand and Australia, where locking down domestic and international borders in the name of stopping transmission of one virus has become “public health”. Herd immunity is claimed a murderous idea by politicians who have sat beside Bill Gates one too many times instead of learning any authentic public health. They push these ideas onto the general public via impassioned speeches claiming empathy and care. Meanwhile real world data shows otherwise.

Covid-19 has spread unabated in the UK despite stringent lockdowns. The young have developed herd immunity with minimal virus related harm, as predicted by non-Gates-associated experts from the very beginning. Lockdown has caused enormous harms to their physical health, mental health, educational opportunities and financial prospects. The elderly in care homes and hospitals have borne the brunt of Covid-19 disease, being pushed to the front of the bus by lockdown policies instead of a focused protection approach which would have shielded them.
People now genuinely believe that lockdown-until-vaccination is the only way to deal with an infectious disease. A very dangerous precedent steeped in pseudoscience, politics, power and profits.
Remnants of circulating viruses can be found in the respiratory tract of exposed but immune people if you look for them. Testing for many other viruses in perfectly healthy people would also produce positive PCR results. This is why we don’t look for influenza in healthy people.

Another example of many of the lies told as truths in the past year is that masks slow or stop spread of an airborne respiratory virus. Believing the media requires ignoring the data. Which seems to be most people’s preference. Despite the evidence, schools across the USA persist in enforcing mask mandates. Reports and video footage of teachers abusing children based on these mandates have been utterly despicable. One disturbing example is this video footage : a direct result of petrifying the general public.

Data from the United States National Covid-19 School Response Dashboard suggests that masks increase viral transmission. Multiple experts state that inappropriate mask wearing causes nebulisation of viral particles as exhalation pushes them through a moist filter.

Dr Jay Bhattacharya continues to speak out against the unhinged public health response taking place. This interview with Laura Ingraham is a rare glimpse of intelligence and ethics, advocating for the protection of children specifically, but also for proper science over corruption and deceit.

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