More “Conspiracists”

Recently I messaged a previous manager now working in management for a humanitarian NGO. I asked him to please review the pandemic response and suggested Nick Hudson’s presentation at the April 2021 BizNews conference. He replied “is it another conspiracy”. The blackout of ideas outside the consensus narrative is swift and unconditional. This person is better than that. But for some reason, as with so many, he is captured. The only way out of this seems to be, as Hudson stated, a recovery of the herd’s senses slowly and one-by-one.

Perpetrating evil on a mass scale always has required mobilising good people to do evil actions“. Dr Gold co-founded America’s Frontline Doctors, who speak out constantly against the pandemic response, being “handled in the opposite way as to what is taught in medical schools and public health schools“. On 5 May 2021 she delivered this half hour presentation to a crowd at a freedom rally. Smear campaigns against anyone speaking out are relentless, and Dr Gold is not excluded from the invective. She is denounced and censored on multiple platforms with some claiming she has lied about her medical and legal qualifications; others calling America’s Frontline Doctors a “right wing think tank” who “spread disinformation” and various other smears. It all helps to confirm her conclusion that “the science is being so recklessly ignored, it’s undeniable that something else must be going on“. The last few minutes of her 5 May presentation are very funny.

I can’t find any information about Dr Erika Scott (PhD), who delivered a brief appeal to the Ohio House of Representatives Health Committee last week, to protest the pandemic response. Part of her speech includes the following statements: “I am the descendant of slaves and indigenous people. Because of that I am here today … I remember history and I do not want to repeat it … Any student of history clearly sees the distinct parallels between segregation due to race, and segregation due to vaccine status … In slavery blacks were masked for several reasons. To dehumanise. To shame. To silence. To isolate. To punish. To emphasise otherness. And to incite fear. Blacks also had to show their papers to prove that they had freedom of movement off and on the plantations owned by their masters. How are the Covid masks, social distancing, tracking and tracing and vaccine passports of today any different than the tools used by the oppressors of yester-year? They aren’t. Fear and intimidation were used on blacks then, and it is being used on citizens in the exact same way now … I would encourage you to read Harriet Washington’s book, Medical Apartheid …“.

Dr Erika Scott speaking to Ohio House of Representatives against pandemic response.

Professor Gupta was interviewed last week on Spectator TV, presenting her sophisticated understanding of disease dynamics in lay friendly terms. “Academics should be having respectful discussions and debates, which has not been permitted in this whole saga … I do feel that I have a responsibility as a scientist and a global citizen, and I do feel very strongly … that the collateral damage from lockdowns is profound and in its final tally we will realise this is just not an appropriate tool. That we have harmed young people, children and those on low incomes, particularly people in developing countries … I think we should get on with delivering a focused protection“. She describes herd immunity, “the most misunderstood term of 2020 which is also widely misused to mean the wilful culling of vulnerable people in a population during an epidemic“, in this 6 minute mini-lecture at Collateral Global. “Your risk of infection depends very much on how many people around you are already immune“. I have shared this before, but her 2013 Princeton in Europe lecture Pandemics: Are We All Doomed is a brilliant lesson in infectious disease epidemiology. It accords well with Professor Chris Whitty’s 2018 presentation How to Control an Epidemic, in which he also discusses concepts such as herd immunity and maintaining health through social determinants such as economic and societal stability. In complete contrast to this, Whitty now stridently helps to lead the UK’s ongoing lockdown policies.

As a clinician treating Covid-19 patients in Texas USA, Dr Peter McCullough has spoken out loudly, articulately and passionately against the pandemic response. He started out feeling very concerned about the virus, but quickly became equally if not more concerned about the group fear and groupthink which established in the health care system and affected the way his patients could be treated including the terror they experienced which negatively impacted upon their illness. Dr McCullough has published more than 40 peer reviewed medical papers on Covid-19. His article “Pathophysiological Basis and Rationale for Early Outpatient Treatment of SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) Infection“, reviewing the available treatments for Covid-19, became the most widely downloaded article in the history of the American Journal of Medicine, who published it in August 2020.

In this recent interview with author John Leake Dr McCullough describes his clinical experiences diagnosing and treating Covid patients, including issues such as the identificiation of risk stratification in patients (older age and obesity); the global shutdown of academic meetings (“the lifeblood for interchange of ideas”) which led to individual doctors having to work in isolation; the ways in which hospitalisation and death could be prevented but which were obstructed for various reasons including groupthink and fear in the health care community. It is 1 hour and 45 minutes, but the scandal and tragedy he describes is breathtaking and every person deserves to at least give consideration to the information he shares. “Every American, and every person worldwide, should be extraordinarily alarmed“.

This interactive website shows the funding from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to different countries worldwide, and where in those countries the funding is directed. Grant Commitments by the BMGF: By Country. When you know this and then you hear interviews like this, you understand why Bill Gates speaks with, and is treated as having, such authority; and the link between this authority and the degradation of established public health principles which has been accentuated during Covid-19.

On 24 May 2021 a large group of Indian doctors penned a letter to their Prime Minister, challenging the misinformation leading the pandemic response. The complete letter is available at this link. A snapshot of the text:

This weekend hundreds of thousands of people marched on London again, in protest against lockdowns, vaccine passports and medical tyranny. These crowds converging at repeat events are unprecedented and yet mainstream media make little to no mention of them. In their place, alternative news sources are springing up across the globe, filling the censored void. For example Lockdown Sceptics: Thousands “Unite for Freedom” in London.

2 thoughts on “More “Conspiracists”

  1. Dear Helen

    Another good post I believe. As regards the issue of lockdowns etc I have been saying that in the UK the government has only ever issued guidance and advice on its website I have tried to point this out but people are either too thick or too lazy to check.

    Or they have and they are not intelligent enough to realise that what the UK government may say in video TV briefings cannot counter what is written down.

    I sympathise with those who have tried to look at the Coronavirus Act 2020. I scanned it around this time last year and realised it is essentially rubbish (stronger words can be used).

    I did my own guidance on the guidance to try and wake people up in what I consider is a humourous way. Not many have looked at it sadly. Here is a link if you are interested.

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

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    1. Hi Michael
      Thanks for all of your comments.
      I will check out your page as soon as possible, probably later in the week. Glad to know I’m not alone in thinking as I do, and wanting to be led by something other than fear and corruption!
      Thanks again, and see you at AlphaAndOmega.


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