Horror and Hysteria

At no time in years of public health training and experience did I ever hear of using “lockdown” as a strategy to control an epidemic. In 2003 just after the SARS epidemic, I remember being fascinated by an article about China. A local mayor announced he was going to lockdown his city a few days … More Horror and Hysteria

Confused By World Health Organisation?

I have been incredibly confused by WHO over the past six months. Their 2019, well-researched systematic review on appropriate pandemic responses was completely disregarded. Their lack of leadership was surpassed only by their contradictory messaging. Their focus on one virus to the detriment of all else whilst occasionally making announcements of poverty doubling, 120 million … More Confused By World Health Organisation?

Grab Some Happiness

When you are poor in a poor country there are many things which will kill you prematurely.  Stress is likely the prevailing, but not the only culprit. Right now the Coronavirus Pandemic response is becoming a major issue for millions around the world, increasing food insecurity and hunger as well as having a negative impact … More Grab Some Happiness