Grim Reality of Lockdown

When they couldn’t grow their own vegetables they scavenged for them and tried to sell them at a streetside market.

Lockdown prohibited these activities.

Yesterday morning she died from starvation. A colleague I volunteer with attended to assist as the Covid Theatre Actors came to stick a probe up the nose of her corpse and rule out Covid before anyone could be granted permission to move. Once the virus which matters most was excluded family were granted permission to take her body to the pagoda. Here family were informed that the over worked crematorium is broken and they need to find US$200 for a piece of land to bury her instead. She remains homeless as this is an impossible amount.

After a gruelling day my colleague arrived home to a phone call from the family saying their father had also now died. Hours after his wife the same theatre played out, Covid was excluded, and his corpse is also now homeless next to his wife.

Starvation deaths. Neighbourhoods standing still under military supervision until men in full Hazmat suits have tested the corpses using a test and protocols which are not fit for purpose. Families with no food needing to source money for body burials. All in the name of “public health”.

Photo taken September 2020. Within 9m both dead by lockdown starvation

Another colleague, particularly fond of the man, said this to me yesterday:

He had nothing but would try to sell vegetables in the market. Covid stopped this and so they literally had nothing. Could not work, could not eat, could not afford medicine, could not go out and try getting some hope.

No money
No food
No medicine
No hope
Then you lose your life partner

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