Declaration of Inspiration

Some people are just inspiring. Nick Hudson is an actuary who co-founded the South African non-profit Pandemics – Data and Analytics. The Australian mainstream media have ignored the Great Barrington Declaration which is perhaps one of the most significant movements of this year, if not beyond. Meanwhile, upon signing the Great Barrington Declaration, Hudson had this to say.

This is a turning point. I’ve signed the Great Barrington Declaration and you should too.

We established @Pandata19 in April 2020, because we perceived the global reaction to Covid as overwrought and damaging to the point of causing a great tear in the fabric of society.

Massively exaggerated epidemiological models, social media propaganda and exaggerated reporting struck fear into the hearts of nations. A cry went up to emulate the Wuhan lockdown, though such measures had been eschewed by all pre-Covid science, and for good reason.

The corrupt, the fearful and the inept among scientists and politicians alike heeded and amplified that cry, embarking upon a great intrusion against civil liberties and pursuing health policies that quite clearly would harm more than help.

Courageous voices that spoke out against this derangement were suppressed, and open science, a key contributor the huge progress achieved over the last century, was trampled upon, in favour of trumped up authoritarian measures mired in arbitrary and senseless regulations.

That such voices were silenced is a great tragedy. What they said had the potential to save many lives, because they spoke common sense. To save the vulnerable few, the many needed to carry on with their lives.

By doing so, the vast majority, to whom Covid presents negligible risk, would continue to build the wealth that sustains our healthcare services, and the immunity that would cause the epidemic to wither before it could attack the vulnerable.

Instead, as the evidence rolls in that lockdowns and other non-pharmaceutical interventions have yielded no benefits, we now must contend with the reality of livelihoods destroyed, unraveling social bonds, psychological damage and devastating health consequences.

Yet those mistaken scientists and inept politicians double down, spurred on by corporate greed, proposing a “great reset” and a “new normal”, which threaten vast swathes of humanity with a dystopian future.

All around the world, citizens are beginning to conquer the fear that governments told them they must have to be good. They—scientists, doctors and the general public alike—need to unite and push back against the prevailing Covid narrative.

I sign this declaration for the same reason we at PANDA have worked tirelessly against vast arrayed forces; that, knowing what we knew, we would never be able to look our children in the eyes if we did anything else.

I sign this declaration because, in doing so, I stand alongside scientists of courage and integrity. I know, viscerally, the costs their stand entails, and how important it is that they receive our support.

I sign this declaration because it is a crucial step in reasserting open science, liberty and humanity. We must uncancel the cancelled, unsilence the muzzled and order the disordered. There is no more important struggle.

Join authors Professors Jay Bhattacharya, Sunetra Gupta and Martin Kulldorff, and initial signatory Michael Levitt. We are grateful to have them not only as PANDA’s Scientific Advisory Board, but as vital inspirers of the foot soldiers in the great effort that lies ahead.

If you are a doctor, look out for the launch of PANDA Doctors, an initiative to unite and support medical professionals who are raising their voices. If you are a lawyer, join PANDA Lawyers, which will be key in providing that support.

Whoever you are, do what you can to promote this message, to calm the fear in your own community and to point its members in the direction of a flourishing future.

PS: Please recognize too the role played by Jeffrey Tucker (Editorial Director) and Stacey Rudin (Writer) of the American Institute for Economic Research, in bringing this project to fruition.

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