Trusted News Initiative

I got “fact checked” yesterday by a nurse who claimed to have read my latest Panda article about human ecosystems. She didn’t have anything to say about the information in the article, but informed me that she utterly disapproved of me “using your qualifications to work with Panda”. This came as a surprise because my … More Trusted News Initiative

Beyond Headlines …

In those places where the Covid-19 pandemic has swept through the population, they now see occasional cases and few to no deaths. Apparently the pandemic hasn’t been to New Zealand yet. Thanks to “being really efficient at lockdown”, NZ detect occasional cases and no deaths. Another place that was “super efficient at lockdown” in 2020 … More Beyond Headlines …

Political Sinkhole

Michael Senger takes us through the politics that created global lockdown in an interview on Sky News Australia. The advertisement prior to the newsclip is ironically Lord of AntiScience, Mr Bill Gates, telling us that climate change is a threat. I have no doubt he also has some novel and innovative solutions for us just … More Political Sinkhole

Corruption and Courage

Interview with Reiner Fuellmich, 16 minutes with English subtitles. The longer we believe this is about “public health”, the easier we make it for big players to plunder societies across the globe. As Dr Fuellmich states, there are perhaps 3,000 powerful people leading this, and so fighting back only requires a small percentage of us … More Corruption and Courage

Deadly Public Health

Why did World Health Organisation promote lockdown as a public health intervention? They knew the harms, yet they recommended it anyway. For what possible reason? A part of the answer must surely include the background Crimes of Tedros Adhanom. The Chinese Communist Party are clearly implicated, along with multiple others such as (but not limited … More Deadly Public Health