Corruption and Courage

Interview with Reiner Fuellmich, 16 minutes with English subtitles.

The longer we believe this is about “public health”, the easier we make it for big players to plunder societies across the globe. As Dr Fuellmich states, there are perhaps 3,000 powerful people leading this, and so fighting back only requires a small percentage of us in order for their plan to collapse. These people are in charge of Big Pharma, Big Media and Big Tech with tentacles in university funding, health policy, government and international organisations meaning they can influence decisions, motivate consensus and censor dissent.

It is a year since Bill Gates called for lockdown in the USA, following the Chinese Communist Party’s “successful” lockdown policy which was also openly supported by the World Health Organisation in which Gates has significant funding interests. Lockdown has been a financial bonanza for Gates as reported by CNN here and Business Insider here. This is reported as the greatest wealth transfer in history. It apparently took only 23 days for America’s billionaires to earn $282 billion once lockdown kicked in at the same time as 40% of small businesses faced ruin. The US Response to Covid-19 Has Lavished Wealth on the Rich, an article from May 2020.

This is happening so imperiously that most remain unaware and even support it. Others, particularly (so it seems) academics with desire to attract new, or retain existing funding, or who see an opportunity for fame, are aware and actively promoting the lies. An excellent example of this is Gideon Meyerowitz-Katz of Woollongong University in Australia. An unknown PhD student researching chronic disease epidemiology until last year, his name was on a couple of research publications related to diabetes. The Covid-19 pandemic saw him pivot suddenly towards Covid specific work. With no infectious disease background whatsoever he has used the pandemic to oppose leading Infectious Disease Epidemiologists with years of experience and thousands of research publications to their name. John Ioannidis, the most cited ID Epidemiologist in the world, whose quality work on estimating the infection fatality rate of Covid-19 has been published by World Health Organisation, has been a specific target of Meyerowitz-Katz. Those supporting Meyerowitz-Katz almost exclusively have some form of connection with Gates Foundation funding. It would appear that such connections are a motivating force. Other prominent ID Epidemiologists without Gates connections continue to face censorship and attack for speaking out against the fraudulent representation of their own discipline. So I won’t hold my breath at the idea of Woollongong University taking a stand against this depraved behaviour.

Nowhere is lockdown more attractive and easily implemented than totalitarian states of the third world who have already been pillaged, whose suffering is mostly acknowledged as simply something that happens to “those people” and doesn’t tend to make headlines at all. It is even justified by many. An interesting presentation from 2018 by Dr Robert Zubrin, an American aerospace engineer, discusses the origins and ongoing maintenance of Malthusian ideology which appears extremely compatible with lockdown policy. That we are passively consenting to our own demise through lockdown leaves me horrified but I’m not alone. Dr Rodger Hodkinson referred to this as “the biggest hoax perpetrated on an unsuspecting public“. It is a very difficult thing to experience when you stand apart from the crowd who are immersed in the idea that lockdown is a justified action which is somehow “protecting” us, fed to us by those benefiting from such extreme social, economic and health harms of the masses.

Freedom of Speech Disappeared: a five minute video here, showing the impact of censorship in the name of “public health” and the impact of recruiting police forces to implement “public health”. Who would support this? Why are our mainstream media outlets not reporting on events of such enormous significance? One of the biggest heroes in this is Dr Reiner Fuellmich. He shows no fear in speaking out and his team are investigating the corruption behind what is happening. On 20th March he spoke at the Freedom Demonstration in Kassel, Germany. He appears briefly in the above video but the English script of his speech is available here. Sometimes holding to principles of justice means standing against the most powerful as well as the majority. At no time in my life has this been more evident than now.

Dr Michael Yeadon, who managed the respiratory research arm of Pfizer for many years has never had any political affiliations and had never protested in his life. In the past year he has been speaking out with great distress against the established corruption threatening the safety of us all on so many levels. He spoke recently with James Delingpole about his grave concerns relating to the corruption in public health and specifically around the Coronavirus vaccine at The Delingpod.

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