Deadly Public Health

Why did World Health Organisation promote lockdown as a public health intervention? They knew the harms, yet they recommended it anyway. For what possible reason? A part of the answer must surely include the background Crimes of Tedros Adhanom. The Chinese Communist Party are clearly implicated, along with multiple others such as (but not limited to) Bill Gates and Christian Drosten.

It is natural to assume that the medical profession always work in our best interest, yet history tells another story. Most notably, the active participation of the medical community in Germany and other occupied zones during the Nazi regime, of systematic killing, forced sterilisation and human subject research. Post-war many of the physicians involved in these actions kept their jobs and advanced their careers. Health practitioners across the globe today are heavily invested in corrupt practices and systems which allow for wealth accumulation at the expense of the people they purport to be helping. As a medical specialist once said to me, “anywhere without adequate systems in place to protect the public, health professions can be ruthlessly corrupt”.

The role of public health, and what public health professionals are trained for in epidemics, is to provide accurate, timely, contextualised information based on clearly defined data and offering evidence based guidance on how to respond. “We should all be afraid” is NOT a public health message. Yet these words have been spoken by public health officials repeatedly in the past year (Dr David Fisman in Toronto Canada and Professor Raina McIntyre in Sydney Australia are two such examples). Ongoing abuses of the world’s most vulnerable people, our children, our elderly and the poor, is NOT public health. Profiteering from tests, vaccines and other pandemic related products is NOT public health. Promoting policies which ensure massive wealth transfer, further widening the gap between rich and poor is NOT public health.

In response to this fraudulent takeover, an independent movement of voluntary and skilled public health practitioners is evolving. Not the only example, but perhaps the most notable, is Pandemics Data and Analytics aka PANDA, led by some of the world’s most eminent public health experts. Volunteering with this group is reminiscent of my more than 15 years working on disease surveillance and outbreak control in a small public health unit. PANDA gives me hope that whatever has gone wrong in the institutions of public health currently implementing a tainted political response, can and will be made right again.

In this half hour presentation, delivered six months into South Africa’s Covid-19 crisis, Nick Hudson of PANDA unpacks the pandemic response and its devastating costs to lives and livelihoods. He demonstrates authentic public health in action.

Definitive Lockdown Presentation with Nick Hudson

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