Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion

From Oracle Films, a documentary shining the light on those being killed and maimed in the name of health and the horrific levels of censorship stopping them, and anyone advocating for them, from having a voice.

Maajid Nawaz gives a perspective as a geopolitical expert, about what is happening to societies in the name of “protecting” us.

Financial analyst Edward Dowd uses his skills to interpret data from life insurance and other sources, to explain what is happening to society.

No, Bruce. WE DO NOT.

As with the so-called “leaders” in so-called “democratic” nations, Xi Jinping only manages to pull this off thanks to those who comply with his nonsense. The people in Shenzhen have stopped complying. Hopefully not too late.

New Zealanders are being told to believe that this is in some way democratic and normal.

All they can do now, is censor us. When the only thing they can do is shut us up, then that means what we have to say is very dangerous for them“. Dr Reiner Fuellmich in discussion with Australia’s Cafe Locked Out.

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