The Harm of Nonsense

Early on we had people like Bill Gates … saying “the world won’t return to normal until pretty much everyone’s been vaccinated” … the most stupid nonsense I’ve ever heard. Vaccines have never been used to extinguish a pandemic in human history. So this would be novel. Next, you only vaccinate people who are themselves at severe risk of disease if infected … Tony Blair was talking about the necessity of vaccine passports to reopen society … The same Tony Blair who tried unsuccessfully to introduce digital ID into the British system “. ~ Dr Michael Yeadon

Why is digital ID considered so important by these unelected powerbrokers?

Dr Michael Yeadon presented to the Corona Ausschuss on Friday, evidence from a team of analysts, that the lot numbers of Covid-19 vaccines are vastly different with regards to components. A small number of Covid vaccine batch numbers are associated with the majority of adverse events, which Yeadon explains is not possible under the strict protocols of normal manufacturing processes, arguing that it cannot be an accident.

Whistleblower nurses are speaking out on the vaccine harms they are seeing, from the USA to Australia.

The reactions we are seeing are terrifying … When I look back on this in 20 to 30 years I have to know that I did everything I could. And I’m asking you to please ponder this. What side of history will you be on?” – Collette Martin, RN Whistleblower, Louisiana USA

Bob Moran is one of very few political cartoonists who has dared to speak out against pandemic pseudoscience and the harms created. He gave an interview about his experiences in December 2021.

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