Christmas Cows and Crappers

Christmas is coming and the wealthy world is preparing to spend billions on the event.  I thought about this at a recent lawn sale as I pondered on the various Secret Santas and other gifts being sold on, many still sitting in their unopened boxes.

Our Christmas money could be so much more worthwhile.  Here’s only two examples of how.


Cows For Cambodia

Andrew Costello, a media personality from South Australia, started this organisation and they are making big differences to peoples’ lives.  You can read the story of how it all came about, at Cosi’s cows breeding wealth for Cambodia


I wonder if Sara, when she proposed to “make a business with me” via my buying and lending her a cow, may have somehow heard of Cows for Cambodia?  The timing is amazing because I hope to do this for her via Cows for Cambodia, who know far more than me about such business propositions.


Crappers for Cambodia

Sunrise Cambodia are yet another South Australian creation courtesy of Geraldine Cox.  Cox, as I have also observed with Scott Neeson, ignores the armchair critics sitting in judgement from afar, in favour of spending their energies on the work at hand.

This Christmas the puns have been flying at Sunrise, asking supporters to “flush us with cash and let us do the dirty work”.  As I discovered in my privileged ignorance last year, access to a toilet really does make a difference and lack of toilets is a worldwide issue for those living in poverty.

Let the Christmas spirit flow in a different direction this year
~ to where you’ll make a positive impact

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