Tarred and Feathered by a Sage Coven

Until mid-March of 2020 governments were rightly advising evidence based responses such as stay home if you’re sick, wash your hands, protect the vulnerable, most people will have a mild illness, wearing face masks provides no benefit, and other established public health guidance.

Around early March a massive propaganda campaign was launched by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Thousands of brand new social media accounts reposted official Chinese government disinformation about the pandemic and lockdowns. Hundreds of videos showing people collapsing in the streets of Wuhan were shared. Collapsing in the street became an urban myth provoking pandemic fear. No other country has reported this highly unusual phenomenon. Soon after, multiple languages of varying fluency excitedly announced China’s strength and success at containing the pandemic compared with the West’s non-lockdown failures. To this day thousands of social media bots linked back to China are active across the web, focusing on lockdown as a successful public health intervention.

Italy implemented a nationwide lockdown on 9 March, allegedly as a direct response to the social media propaganda campaign at the same time as the region of Bergamo experienced a high death rate attributed to Covid, but now seemingly also associated with the ventilator crisis as well as the PCR testing fiasco led by Christian Drosten’s team in Germany. On 16 March 2020 Neil Ferguson and his mathematical modeling team at Imperial College in London published their prediction of over 500,000 UK deaths and 2.2 million US deaths unless strict lockdown measures were introduced. The UK followed Italy into lockdown on 23 March, a week later. A domino effect established as countries scrambled into lockdown, imitating each other in a climate of panic. This panic is now suggested as explaining other bad political decisions such as discharging Covid patients out of hospitals to protect the health service, back into nursing homes where half of all Covid deaths have occurred in some locations. It continues to be claimed that “there is no way to protect the vulnerable”, whilst independent public health experts such as those at the Great Barrington Declaration and Panda have shown that there most certainly is.

Imperial College, whose mathematical models have held fort despite independent epidemiology models demonstrating that they are grossly over exaggerated, have been described as “China’s best academic partner in the West”. Xi Jinping visited Imperial in October 2015 at which time public health was named as one shared research interest. Neil Ferguson’s other work is depicted here.

The committee advising the UK government and continually promoting lockdowns as a pandemic response, observed and copied by other nations, are called the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE). Ferguson was a leading member of SAGE until May 2020, when he was caught breaking his own lockdown recommendations and resigned in response to the scandal. He remains on a group known as NERVTAG (New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group), sharing membership with many SAGE committee members. Mainstream media continue to treat Ferguson as a worthy expert, who in turn continues to promote lockdown as a valid public health response.

Many months ago Dr Michael Yeadon alerted the world to the fact that the identity of individual members on SAGE had been concealed from public knowledge. Only after pressure mounted did the government agree to disclose their identity to the public. At least twelve members of SAGE have been identified as either employed by, or receiving funding from, organisations involved in Covid-19 vaccine development including the Gates Foundation and Big Pharmacy companies. Mathematical modelers and psychologists with behaviour manipulation expertise hold a strong presence on SAGE. In March 2020 they published Options for increasing adherence to social distancing measures, outlining ways to “increase the perceived level of personal threat… using hard-hitting emotional messaging“. At least one of the SAGE psychologists (Susan Michie) is a member of the Communist Party of Britain.

Amidst multiple layers of propaganda, the well established phenomenon of naturally acquired immunity has been depicted as:

  1. A form of genocide as people falsely believe population-wide risk of death when the risks are almost exclusively in the very elderly with comorbidities. Targeted protection of the vulnerable would save many lives whilst removing justification for lockdown.
  2. Not possible because our immune systems cannot mount a response to this “new” virus which “our immune systems cannot recognise”. As a betacoronavirus closely related to four common cold viruses as well as SARS and MERS, Covid-19 is neither novel nor unique. Unlike the lack of evidence for lockdown as a beneficial public health intervention, there is a plethora of evidence that long term, multiple-antigen immunity establishes after Covid-19 infection. Cross-immunity from infections with other betacoronaviruses is also prevalent and explains why so many people only develop very mild disease if they become infected. See: Scientists uncover SARS-CoV-2-specific T-cell immunity in recovered COVID-19 and SARS patients.

The phenomenon of opportunism and dishonesty promoted as “public health” is described in greater detail by Dr Zoe Harcombe in her November 9 blog post SAGE Conflicts of Interest.

Whilst more information becomes available that Covid-19 was well established in the human transmission chain much earlier than initially thought, questions continue to be asked about why locations across the globe are not experiencing epidemic levels of detectable virus transmission or mortality. Lockdown success is alleged to be the reason for New Zealand and Australia’s low disease rates. My bet is that ZeroLockdown, as seen in many places with equally ZeroCovid, would have seen the same or similar outcome. Is it possible that an earlier wave of infection across most of the southern hemisphere could explain this epidemiological picture? The use of actual epidemiology science in this work shows a logical cohesion with the established pandemic guidance being steadfastly ignored in favour of an idea brought to us directly from Team Xi. Scientifically sound hypotheses such as this are much more likely than “we are really efficient at lockdown” to explain low rates in some locations and populations compared to others, when there is no lockdown-associated pattern across locations or populations.

Groups such as HART (Health Advisory Recovery Team) in the UK and the growing international team at Panda – Pandemics Data and Analytics are now providing governments with the resources to seek public health guidance from independent experts volunteering their time and resources to turn this crisis around. These groups have no connections with Big Pharmacy or so-called “philanthropic” organisations and are made up of some of the world’s most pre-eminent public health professionals who have made enormous sacrifices as opposed to seeing opportunities for personal gain.

Governor Ron De Santis in Florida, USA, sought advice from lead signatories to the Great Barrington Declaration as early as October 2020. He cancelled lockdown policies and implemented a focused protection plan. He stood firm in the face of powerful opposition. Today, with the second most elderly population in the USA, life in Florida involves no enforced social restrictions and consequently minimal adverse economic outcomes, whilst their Covid-19 epidemiological pattern is no different, and in many cases much better than that of other states. For example California, with a much younger population, have suffered severe long term economic and broader health harms from draconian lockdown measures and have not protected their elderly, choosing instead to close schools and businesses and cordon off playgrounds. Covid-19 rates between these two states, with similar climates but different age stratification, are comparable. Americans are traveling in droves to Florida, both for holidays and permanent migration, whilst other states are crashing into economic and social collapse.

The human race has been immersed in a cauldron of fear being stirred by multiple players with multiple, often odious motivations, none of which represent public health principles. Some of us seemed to be only mildly dipped in warm water which dried off quickly. Sadly, millions have been tarred and feathered.

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