Big Hearts, Big Dreams, Big Conflicts

Dr Robert Malone, inventor of the original patented technology, presented on the mechanisms of mRNA vaccines at the World Council for Health weekly meeting on 31 January 2022. “A man with a great mind, deep scientific knowledge and an open heart“. He acknowledges the World Council for Health as having “big dreams for supplanting some … More Big Hearts, Big Dreams, Big Conflicts

This is Extremely Dangerous to Our Democracy

Investigative journalist, NY Times bestselling author and five-time Emmy Award winning television presenter Sheryl Attkisson gave testimony to the Corona Ausschuss recently. The topic of discussion was “astroturfing”. A term initially coined in the political sphere, astroturfing means the creation of a movement orchestrated by corporate or political interests, designed to appear as though it … More This is Extremely Dangerous to Our Democracy

Echoes of Mengele

Claire Deeks, New Zealand lawyer and spokesperson of Voices for Freedom in New Zealand, interviewed Dr Reiner Fuellmich three weeks ago. Among many points of relevance Fuellmich discusses the takeover of mainstream media which has occurred over the twelve years since 2009 when the last pandemic swindle was halted in time. He says that had … More Echoes of Mengele

Stabbed By Covid?

Nicole Sirotek, a whistleblower Registered Nurse with America’s Frontline Nurses, describes working in New York for a month last year, at a time when it was America’s Covid epicentre. This quote is from Ask The Nurses Podcast Episode 18, starting from approximately 45 minutes.“In my entire time in New York, which was like a month, … More Stabbed By Covid?

Trust and Terror

Factory workers in Cambodia are being vaccinated en masse. Allegedly they’re all “volunteers”. Mostly young women earning around $120/month with zero prospects of other employment in a nation strictly following Chinese lockdown policy resulting in threat of hunger and disease to millions. Normally when a vaccination program is rolled out, the expected outcome is a … More Trust and Terror

Deaths and Lockdowns

A common misperception amongst those who support lockdown as a public health intervention against a transmissible respiratory virus, is that they only harm people in poor countries (as though that’s somehow okay, which of course it isn’t). Deaths and Lockdowns: There’s no proof that lockdowns save lives but plenty of evidence that they end them … More Deaths and Lockdowns