Crazy Has Consequences

What you do when you have nothing amidst aggressive mask mandates

The world’s poorest children, whose only possible hope is some level of education, are now out of school indefinitely. They don’t have internet access and they don’t have adults around them who can teach them to read or write. Many of them accessed their only meal of the day via school nutrition programs. Human trafficking and child labour are inevitably rising exponentially. Increased child abuse rates reported via monitoring systems in wealthy countries will go mostly unreported here.

UNICEF Reports 239,000 additional child and maternal deaths have already occurred in South Asia due to COVID-19 restrictions. Lockdown is killing orders of magnitude more than COVID-19. The same report claims 11 million “cases” of COVID-19 in the region. For now cases are defined, as promoted by WHO, as PCR positive test results. This is not indicative of infection, as the test creator himself has stated, and in fact it often indicates immunity in those with no symptoms, such as children.

Programs such as that which I volunteer on are now unable to reach the communities we support. Extreme levels of hunger are establishing. Anecdotally, TB rates and other preventable illnesses are rising. I received a video the other day from my colleague, of a human carcass gasping slowly for air. Tuberculosis in lockdown means no access to life saving treatment for many. StopTB Partnership report a 20% decrease in TB diagnosis and treatment worldwide. This is a direct consequence of restricted services, replacing public health programs with Covid-19-specific services, and restricted movement of people.

Rational Ground summarised the epic roundtable public health discussion between Governor DeSantis, Professor Scott Atlas, Professor Sunetra Gupta, Professor Martin Kulldorff and Professor Jay Bhattacharya. These four have sacrificed their careers to stand up and speak out for actual public health over political theatre.

Meanwhile, major airlines have dropped mask mandates for their business and first class passengers. Hopefully lesser-value passengers and more importantly the world’s poorest can look forward to the same privilege sometime soon?

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