Fighting Fraud

Chris Whitty, Chief Medical Advisor to the UK Government, is an MD and Epidemiologist. Along with a small number of other politicians he is central to the ongoing enforced lockdowns in place in the UK which are devastating the nation’s economy and health. Whitty gave an excellent presentation on epidemics in 2018, before lockdown became a required part of so-called pandemic control. You can see the presentation, given as Professor of Physic at Gresham College in central London, at this Gresham College page which also offers a PDF download of the presentation. To quote Whitty, the reason that being in the centre of an international travel hub “is not as worrying as it looks, is that being rich, as a society, massively hardens society against epidemics of any sort. It does this not primarily through reasons of medicine, but in fact because of all the other things that lead to successful, rich societyEpidemics cause substantial panic and have substantial social and economic impacts, very often way out of proportion to their actual medical importance“.

Why then, is Whitty, with this knowledge of epidemic control, now promoting fear based lockdown policy causing the social and economic destruction of his nation? A new interview at Jerm Warfare with Dr Reiner Fuellmich: There’s a Light at the End of the Lockdown Tunnel seems to provide an answer to this question.

Fuellmich is one of the most powerful lawyers in Europe, and is currently preparing the largest class action lawsuit in history, otherwise known as “Nuremberg 2.0”.

Because of [my] experience with, in particular Deutschebank, which is one of the most criminal organisations in the world, I wasn’t completely surprised at what was unfolding before our eyes in the context of Corona. Except this time it’s not just one fraudulent corporation, but it’s dozens and dozens of fraudulent corporations. Plus the politicians, who they managed to get under their control. … There cannot be any doubt whatsoever, at least not for me, after having interviewed so many experts from all different fields of science, doctors, virologists, epidemiologists, economists, lawyers, psychologists, psychiatrists… there cannot be any doubt whatsoever that what has been happening, for a year now, and when I first said this, people rolled their eyes and said “noone is ever going to agree with you”, but these are the worst crimes against humanity ever, ever committed“.

It’s a funny thing that so many qualified professionals, many of them high profile with no history of psychiatric disease, from lawyers to specialist scientists, doctors, researchers, public health experts, all became conspiracy theorists in 2020 and stood up against a vigorously maintained consensus, placing their reputations, careers and sometimes perhaps also their personal safety on the line.

Dr Fuellmich’s team spoke with Immunologist Dr Dolores Cahill as part of the Corona Ausschuss, who most certainly has been portrayed for some years now as a conspiracy theorist.

Neurosurgeon Dr Lee Merit says that we are at war and the vaccine rollout is a weaponised tool. She is interviewed at The New American which is described as a far right conspiracy factory by at least one website.

Dr Michael Yeadon, who led a very quiet life as a privately employed scientist for over 40 years, became conspiratorial in 2020. A retired pharmacologist who worked at Pfizer for 17 years before owning his own research and development company, he speaks with off-grid media outlets about his concerns on a regular basis, for example this recent interview posted at Facebook. He has faced ferocious accusations and censorship: why does he continue to speak out under such aggressive fire? He states “I’m not saying [Covid-19 vaccination] is always bad. I’m definitely not anti-vax, I’m just anti-unsafe-medicine“.

I have worked with vaccines for many years including as a vaccine provider and educating vaccine providers. I am pro vaccine as a public health prevention measure. However, I am also anti-corruption and hold strongly to the principle that infectious disease control should never be placed in the hands of large private corporations without firm, constantly-reviewed containments in place to protect the general public from extortion and excessive power. This likely comes from my left-leaning political ideals and yet it seems to be labelled as a “far right conspiracy”? That extortion and excessive power are a part of the Covid-19 pandemic seems undeniable.

As Dr Fuellmich argues, the principle of audiatur et altera pars (listen to the other side) is an imperative part of democracy and justice. When there is only a single consensus, and when dissenting opinion is aggressively silenced through smear campaigns, politicised accusations, character assassinations and maintenance of generalised fear, then something is seriously wrong.

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