In the Name of Safety

Insane totalitarian control measures causing extreme harm and stripping people of their most basic rights are not “public health”. They’re Fangkong. And here we go again. In Canada Dr Nagase dares to stand up and speak out despite the extreme risks involved. These are our family and loved ones. “[Covid-19] was the moment when everything … More In the Name of Safety

Australia : Lockdown Success Story?

Seasonal respiratory virus equivalent to a bad Influenza Like Illness (ILI), being tested for at rates previously unheard of, using a test not fit for purpose with cycle thresholds associated with high rates of false positivity. All happening concurrent with rollout of an experimental vaccine which has been strongly associated with rising cases across the … More Australia : Lockdown Success Story?

Common Sense Lost

We continue to face challenges rolling out our childhood nutrition program in Cambodia due to the ongoing pandemic interventions. Hunger remains at dangerous levels across communities. Access to health care, previously very limited, is all but no longer available unless you have money. Lockdown has ended for now but testing and vaccination teams are highly … More Common Sense Lost