Biblical Proportion Famine

Two days ago Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh went into strict lockdown.

The price of food increased overnight by as much as 250%.

The United Nations predicted a year ago that a biblical proportion famine was looming. Here it comes.

The UN report blamed “the pandemic” for this. Cambodia don’t have a pandemic. They have 38 Covid-attributed deaths in a nation where more than 1,000 people die each month by Tuberculosis alone, which is connected to but not the only presentation seen of malnutrition deaths.

Cambodia began vaccinating their population against Covid in early February, at which time there had been zero deaths despite focused teams looking conscientiously for them. Around the same time testing recommendations increased at scale and that is when their case numbers and death numbers inflated. Most test positive “cases” are young and healthy. It is quite likely that a proportion at least, of their reported deaths have died from other conditions and happen to have coincided with a positive test result. The problems with PCR testing used as a diagnostic tool are perhaps most exacerbated in resource poor nations. With so much need in the country for basic health requirements such as food, many millions of dollars are being spent on new Covid-19 testing facilities. Following the lead from everywhere else, Covid-19 is now the only public health focus using a faulty test which can always find what it is looking for.

Kary Mullis, creator of the PCR test, recommended against using it for diagnosis

From what I can understand of the so-called “humanitarians” remaining in Cambodia at this time, lockdown is being strongly promoted as a public health safeguard. The wealthy and powerful are hunkering down at home in fear of a virus, while the lower class locals lucky enough to have any employment receive a permit to move so they can tend to their employers’ needs in market places and shops. Protection of the wealthy has always been the outcome of lockdown policy. The powerful few enjoy ongoing employment opportunities from home whilst millions of poor lose their income, homes and security, living in fear because they’ve been told a virus is going to kill them if they don’t stay at home.

Infectious Disease Epidemiologists have spoken out persistently against lockdowns

Anyone still supporting the idea that a lockdown of society is a public health idea with any merit, or which has any evidence to support it, must surely by now be wondering?

Suicides are being reported in the Cambodian media but noone knows the actual numbers.

Kung Future have been attempting now for five months, to implement the child nutrition program which funding was received for last year. The children are hungry and their parents have limited knowledge of the most protective feeding practices, so the program is needed. But curfews, permits to travel into communities, and now a full lockdown have challenged capacity and so far only emergency packages have reached anyone.

There is talk in some circles that global lockdown is an implementation of eugenics, wiping out the poorest and protecting the richest of us. It becomes more and more difficult not to believe these so-called conspiracies steeped in Malthusian theory.

Will what happened in Brazil now happen to Cambodia?

Big Pharma, with Bill Gates leading the charge, intend to vaccinate the global population including children. Covid is of no risk to infants and children who appear to have physiological protection via reduced expression of certain enzymes which the virus needs in order to infect us. This is perhaps coupled with recency of Coronavirus common cold infections in children proffering boosted cross-immunity.

An exception is being reported in Brazil, where 1300 children are alleged to have died of Covid. However, when you read the media reports, sick children – who are at far higher risk of other infectious respiratory diseases – are being tested for Covid and nothing else. Faults with the PCR test are very well documented as I have blogged about repeatedly. Those responsible for the faulty test have arrogantly refused to answer to a scientific committee review of their work outlining why the test is not fit for diagnostic purposes. So testing continues unabated. In a place where children are malnourished (a consequence of lockdown), increasing their risk for respiratory disease and death, all respiratory disease becomes “Covid”. This is especially likely in places with overrun health systems, whose testing capacity is almost exclusively devoted to Covid, excluding the ability to test for the multitude of other possible viruses which are much more likely to threaten child health.

Dr Peter McCullough is yet another medical specialist speaking out in disbelief about the obstruction of effective, cheap and accessible treatments for Covid-19. He spoke last month to the Texas Senate in this 20 minute video which is worth hearing. “People who develop Covid have complete and durable immunity. You can’t beat natural immunity. You can’t vaccinate on top of it and make it better. There’s no scientific, clinical or safety rationale for ever vaccinating a Covid recovered patient. There is no rationale for ever testing a Covid recovered patient. My wife and I are Covid recovered, why did we go through the testing outside? … There’s plenty of Covid recovered patients. Let them forego the vaccine… The vaccine is going to have a 1% public health impact“.

Why is this happening?

The disaster unfolding before us is a crime against humanity which many predict will surpass World War II in magnitude. A virus may have been the seed but greed and hubris is the fertiliser.

Christian Drosten, whose team developed the Covid PCR test in January 2020, speaking on PCR testing in 2014. This is clear evidence of ‘mens rea’, or criminal intent. He frequently uses social media to disparage experts speaking out against lockdown strategies.

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  1. I could not agree with you more, this is a global catastrophe. The fact the lockdowns are still being promoted and implemented in spite of all we know now is a giant red flag that something more is going on than mere stupidity.

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