Fighting an Information War

Dr Charles Hoffe is a General Practitioner based in a small Canadian town with a high number of indigenous people. His community were prioritised for Covid-19 vaccination because of concerns about their high risk for bad pandemic outcomes. In this amazingly heartfelt interview Dr Hoffe outlines the experiences of many of his patients since the Moderna vaccine was rolled out. The interview is being censored and Dr Hoffe has been admonished for “promoting vaccine hesitancy”. There should be absolutely nothing wrong and everything right with vaccine hesitancy given the outcomes he talks of here. Due to the intense censorship being enforced across all media and social media, painted as a means of protecting us whilst in fact it has the opposite impact, convincing people to only follow one single consensus which is clearly wrong on many counts, the interview with Dr Charles Hoffe has been uploaded here.

Anti-vaccination is a misunderstood concept and often used to malign those with valid concerns

Independent journalist Sonia Elijah interviewed Nick Hudson, co-founder of Panda (Pandemics Data and Analytics) a day or two ago. Hudson outlines that there are 8 essential elements to the Covid-19 narrative, all of which are wrong. More disturbing than that, why did World Health Organisation completely ignore their own pandemic response guidelines which were updated only 3 months before Covid-19 appeared on the scene? He suggests that there are reasons which we need to learn, and which Reiner Fuellmich with thousands of lawyers behind him undertaking investigations, is likely to have the answer for eventually. As usual, it’s a quality interview full of reasoned, critical analysis, which is so missing in all of the mainstream narrative built around the theme of fear. My summary of the interview is below, but misses much of the detail and impression that Hudson articulates so skilfully.

PCR tests are an amazing technology but being deployed in the wrong way during this pandemic. The inventor of PCR, Kary Mullis stated these tests should never be used for diagnostic testing. The presence of nucleic acid elements is not diagnostic of infection or infectiousness. These tests can be ramped up to almost absurd levels of sensitivity, and used in ways that massively increase the chances of a false positive result. If you look for elements of a virus that are shared with other viruses, or even bacteria, you can trigger positive results for completely different organisms. When the PCR test is only picking up one segment of nucleic acid, it can test positive for “a bit of your lunch”, or in the words of Christian Drosten, who developed the SARS-CoV-2 test, “it’s ridiculous to use PCR testing because you will get positive results for people for whom a particle of virus only flits across the mucous membranes but are not infected”.

This test has given rise to the notion of “asymptomatic cases”. This is a medical absurdity – you are not a “case” of a disease if you have no symptoms. PANDA’s view is that using this test was always inappropriate for diagnostic purposes, and calling it a “Covid” test, when in fact it is a SARS-CoV-2 test only if it uses multiple primers specific to this virus; if it uses single primers then it can detect nucleic acid to other organisms, giving rise to the phenomenon of clinical false positives. The Corman-Drosten PCR test, which many places continue to use, has multiple flaws and have been shown to test positive in water samples. The former (deceased) President of Tanzania secretly had fruits, water, oil and other substances tested in the lab. (It is important to note that deaths attributed to Covid-19 in places where starvation and disease caused directly by lockdown are killing millions, need serious examination).

Hudson states that four African leaders who have spoken out against the Covid malarkey have passed away in the last year, which probably requires investigation, although being an African dictator is always a high risk occupation.

Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci and Tedros have caused the world untold suffering, causing the world en masse to ignore decades of science. Under conditions of great conflict. Bill Gates is on record boasting about the fortune he makes out of vaccinations. Big Pharma have made a fortune out of testing mania and will make a fortune out of vaccine mania. World Health Organisation have been captured by the Gates Foundation, this is all in the public domain, it doesn’t take five minutes of investigative journalism to establish that this is the case. Many politicians have not seen through this and have gone along with it. They all deserve ridicule more than the late Magufuli. Why did they not take a step back and question the bigger picture, as to whether this monolithic version of a totally new world was actually not one that they should interrogate a little bit, given that it departed so much from the established science as late as February 2020?

Hudson interviewed Reiner Fuellmich on Monday (unavailable as yet). The corruption in this regard extends even into our judiciaries in many countries – we’ve seen some very unusual rulings with respect to cases brought to the courts, so we need to diversify with many different lawyers bringing these cases. The consequences of these cases extend beyond the individual. The scale of the economic damage is horrific and there will be legions of law suits, which cannot come soon enough. In some countries draconian lockdowns persist, with crazy rules going on globally and the damage has mortal consequence. Wealth is being transferred away from working classes, middle classes and entrepreneurs at a rate of knots, into the pockets of corrupt and greedy Big Pharma, Big Tech people who are trying to cover it up with unprecedented degrees of censorship in media and social media.

The old science was in good shape. We knew what we needed to know to deal with Coronavirus in the right way. We ignored it. Panda have a significant group of active members from a variety of disciplines, scientific and otherwise, and our organisation now needs to bring in some permanence. We need a full time executive. We are arrayed against some massive forces, and massive forces are arrayed against us, and they are utilising the dirtiest tricks in the books. Smear campaigns, and ironically what is effectively happening is that governments and these supranational organisations are using misinformation. If you wanted the fact checkers to do something useful, you’d get them to take apart the absolute nonsense coming out of the WHO, Gates Foundation and any number of governments and public health institutions. We are fighting a massive PR machine that has put forth this false narrative and amplified it massively across all platforms. Anyone who challenges this narrative is subject to the most intense censorship. We need to bring Panda into a more permanent structure and for that we need funding. We are trying to stay totally independent of corporate or politial interests, we are very diverse in terms of membership, there is a great deal of political and institutional independence amongst our members, so we want to maintain that by staying within a crowd funding type of paradigm as we have operated to date.

The level of censorship should be deeply worrying to any sensible, calm, moral human being. A widely understood concept in both business and science is that you have to be mindful of conflicts of interest. Various conflicts of interest relating to the PCR test are outlined by Sonia Elijah. Once the COI are pointed out and you carry on ignoring that they exist, you enter seriously criminal territory, and many of these people are likely going to end up behind bars. These are serious crimes against humanity. The detail will come out – the bigger picture is clear, eg anyone involved in [Event 201], the famous meeting held at the end of 2019 where they discussed the plans and included detail of what we are dealing with now, against the established pandemic plans. But the details of the steps leading from the foot soldiers (eg Drosten), to the people pulling the strings and earning the billions, will only come to light when you put the foot soldiers on the stand. That is the part of Reiner Fuellmich’s strategy which is very sound – they need protection, put in the stand, and have them sing like canaries. Then you can fill in the dots of the people who are causing this unravelling where all around the world, at the same time, Whitty and Fauci moved from speaking common sense and good science, to reversing track almost immediately. This reversal of direction would take time and involve discussions. So what happened, what were the mechanisms, the communications and pressure points that caused these guys to all turn at the same time?

Dr John Lee, English pathologist who has spoken out consistently against lockdowns, summarises their devastation on British society in this Daily Mail article. My darkest predictions have come true… the effects of Covid lockdowns are catastrophic.

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