Foxes Guarding Hen Houses

Data in Context. Financial Times report on India (left) against the same numbers provided in context (right)
Data at Scale. BBC report on India Covid deaths per million (right) vs Johns Hopkins graph showing scale of the spike (left)

More detailed information is available at the presentation Covid statistics are generally misleading and designed to generate fear. Why do politicians, media and certain academics persist with this style of fearmonger reporting?

In poor nations people forced into lockdown are beaten by police patrols if they dare go outside. They have two choices: risk state sanctioned violence and arrest or stay at home and starve to death.

Where are the self-described “humanitarians” in all of this?

A year ago we were told to be very afraid because Covid was annihilating people in Italy. In fact it was a specific area of Italy’s north, the rest of the country were largely unaffected. I don’t read Italian but a summary from Dr Mark Changizi states “In March and April of 2020, Italy experienced 49,000 more deaths than average. 20,000 of these are now attributed to neglect and hysterical changes to medical care“.

In April 2020 Dr Cameron Kyle-Sidell, a physician in New York, spoke out in this six minute video about his suspicions that Covid-19 patients were experiencing lung injury caused by incorrect mechanical ventilation. This announcement alone changed the course of Covid-19 treatment and reduced the death rates seen early in the pandemic.

Since then multiple effective treatments have become known and for some reason are being obstructed by policymakers. Doctor Pierre Kory gave an impassioned plea to the US Senate (10 minutes) about the need to allow repurposed drugs known to be effective against Covid-19 instead of pushing for novel and/or expensive new drugs.

Dr Ryan Cole gave an equally powerful presentation (28 minutes) about known effective treatments and apparent reasons for the contradictory public health messaging. “We as physicians have collectively lost our medical mindsThe earlier you treat, the more complications you can decrease down the road. And you know what? There is a treatment. Unfortunately, if there is a treatment for a disease, the federal government cannot approve a vaccine. By law. So the NIH who is involved in approving medications – they co-hold the patent on the “quote vaccine” with Moderna. If the fox is not guarding the hen house there, I don’t know who is… Conflict of interest: government in bed with a vaccine company…“. He goes on to express concerns about the vaccine, giving very similar information regarding pregnancy and Covid-19 vaccination as Dr Charles Hoffe provided in the video I shared yesterday. Yet these experimental vaccines are being offered to pregnant women who have negligible risk from Covid-19!

The vaccine market increased from US$5.7 billion in 2002, to US$27 billion in 2012 (September 25, 2012 article). A Market Research Report dated July 2020 states that in 2019 the vaccine market had increased to US$46.88 billion and projections suggest this will rise to US$104.87 billion by 2027, aided by “increasing prevalence of infectious diseases”. This prediction makes no sense when living conditions are improving, as they have been for many over recent decades. Lockdowns reversed these social improvements for most of the world. Covid-19 pandemic responses also led to widespread termination of immunisation campaigns against common and/or deadly diseases such as measles, polio, diphtheria and tetanus which use safe, cheap and effective vaccines, as public health pivoted towards a Covid-19 focus. Campaigns to battle tuberculosis, measles and polio have all been set back describes the alarming reduction in TB diagnoses and treatment whilst an estimated 500,000 more people than usual might have died from TB, as a direct result of lockdowns.

Dr Sucharit Bhakdi has spoken out about his concerns on the lack of safety data for Covid-19 vaccines specifically in relation to the risk of blood clotting disorders and immune dependent enhancement of disease. He outlines the detail of his concerns including the physiological processes in this interview (43 minutes). It cannot be coincidental that so many medical doctors with immunology knowledge in so many different locations, not associated with Big Pharmaceutical or Philanthropic organisations and apparently not associated with each other, are speaking out about this and describing the same concerns. These are medical experts, not “anti-vaxxers”.

Concerns about safety are not “anti-vax”. Nor are concerns about the use of scare tactics to promote vaccination; propaganda obstructing safe, cheap and effective treatments which preclude the need for mass roll-out of experimental vaccines; the (established public health) principle that vaccination should only ever be recommended for those at risk of disease; coercion to vaccinate; mandatory vaccination; and vaccine passports.

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