Medical Ethics and Human Rights

The basic public health tenet of maintaining societal functioning and community calm was replaced last year with ensuring as much fear as possible. This senseless alarmism has destroyed public health, and predictably resulted in escalating insanities from power grabbing politicians. Covid-19 vaccinations do not prevent transmission or infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Their sole aim … More Medical Ethics and Human Rights

Davids Fighting Goliath

PANDA have written an open letter to Save The Children, asking them to support our Declaration for the Protection of Children and Young People from the COVID-19 Response. The devastating impact of lockdowns and other pandemic interventions on children, who have low risk from COVID-19, include school closures, increased poverty, increased domestic violence, decreased supports, … More Davids Fighting Goliath

Just The Facts

Dr Will Jones, a Maths graduate and PhD in Political Philosophy, wrote this piece on COVID-19: Just the Facts at Lockdown Sceptics, 9 May 2021. Pre-2020 public health officials via accountable media outlets were responsible for sharing this type of information to the general public. This is the type of public health we still deserve … More Just The Facts

Defining the Difference

It turns out that the Nazis killed based on a need to protect the more superior race, rather than on pure hatred. Medicalised population protection was a very useful tool for their needs. Lockdowns a la 2020 similarly involve a comfortable group, protected and enriched, perhaps slightly inconvenienced by lockdown, promoting Chinese Communist Party policy … More Defining the Difference

Deaths and Lockdowns

A common misperception amongst those who support lockdown as a public health intervention against a transmissible respiratory virus, is that they only harm people in poor countries (as though that’s somehow okay, which of course it isn’t). Deaths and Lockdowns: There’s no proof that lockdowns save lives but plenty of evidence that they end them … More Deaths and Lockdowns

Professor Sunetra Gupta

She is one of the most calm, common sense filled voices of reason and established public health practice throughout this crisis. Here she speaks with a Swedish podcaster for half an hour on her epidemiology and immunology research, the impact of lockdowns compared with focused protection of the vulnerable, herd immunity, the ad hominem attacks … More Professor Sunetra Gupta