Fathoming the Unfathomable

The median age in Cambodia is 25.6 years old and only 3.8% are 65 years or older. Nevertheless, “surging infections” have caused terror and led to lockdown zoning policies. Many in red zones now face police beatings and starvation. ABC Report 30 April. Others in non-red zones are being forced to remain inside at the whim of powerful landlords (private communciation).

It has taken me a year to fathom that most people apparently accept and even embrace these brutal and pointless lockdowns. Most nations, even those with no epidemic, are basing lockdown policies – which had no place in public health until March 2020 and have no evidence to support their use over established pandemic evidence – on “reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction” (PCR) test results. These same PCR tests are fuelling catastrophic alarm and panic. Human rights activist Gurcharan Singh speaks on the terror tactics being used to misrepresent the reality of what is actually happening today in India, where systematic destruction of food supplies is causing mass starvation, at this five minute video. Public health is being devoured by its own nemesis and there are no humanitarians to be found.

English Translation taken from a statement by Sweden’s Public Health Authority

This test has been described as “the biggest lie and medical fraud ever perpetrated and mandated on an unwitting public”, forming the basis of the biggest class action law suit the world has ever seen. The Corona Ausschuss in Germany has expanded into an international collaboration involving thousands of lawyers with medico-legal and human rights interests and representing many thousands of plaintiffs. The conclusion made by the external peer review of the RT-PCR test to detect SARS-CoV-2 in November 2020 revealed 10 major scientific flaws “at the molecular and methodological level”, with consequences for false positive results.

The cycle threshold (Ct) refers to the heating-cooling amplification process which allows PCR to detect otherwise undetectable genetic fragments. The lower the Ct required, the higher the viral load is likely to be as it is easier to detect. Presence of viral fragments may assist in diagnosis of infection in someone with symptoms, but they may also demonstrate that a person has recovered from an infection, or that their immune system has effectively prevented an infection. At 40 cycles, 1000 billion copies of genetic fragments have been made, making them much more detectable if they are present. However, at this magnitude the result is also much more likely to reflect tiny amounts of non-infectious material, or genetic material which is shared with other viruses or bacteria, providing a false positive result. False positves can cause misdiagnoses as well as misattributions to cause of death.

Taken from Slideplayer PCR

According to the Corman-Drosten review, acceptable cycle thresholds are below 35 and preferably between 25 to 30, to reduce the chance of a false positive result. Government agencies in many nations continue to accept SARS-CoV-2 PCR results using cycle thresholds up to 40 or more. There has been no standardisation or transparency about which cycle thresholds are used and where but laboratories using lower cycle thresholds are likely to have far fewer “case counts” than those using higher cycle thresholds. This has been demonstrated by different rates of positive results seen in the same populations depending on which laboratory tests were conducted at, although other laboratory-related factors can also influence this. It potentially also offers one explanation as to why some countries experience epidemic levels of Covid-19 attributed disease whilst their close neighbours do not, with the very real possibility that pseudo-epidemics are occurring. High cycle threshold is one of the ten scientific flaws described in the Corman Drosten Peer Review.

After accepting Ct values of up to 40 throughout the pandemic, this week US Centers for Disease Control have determined that respiratory specimens taken from vaccinated people should be sequenced up to a Ct value of ≤28. This vastly improves the outlook on results of effectiveness of the experimental vaccines as vaccinated people have less chance of false positive results compared to the unvaccinated for whom there remains no standardisation of Ct value recommendations.

Board-certified Emergency Physician Dr Simone Gold who was dismissed by two hospital employers after speaking out against the Covid-19 corruption she experienced first hand, co-founded America’s Frontline Doctors. She speaks powerfully to a church congregation here about

the serious and life threatening disinformation campaign that has really taken over America and the entire globe …
This is a crime against humanity …“.

2 thoughts on “Fathoming the Unfathomable

  1. It took me about 8 months to finally realize that the majority of people favor lockdowns and other unscientific methods to supposedly ward off the virus. At that point I knew we were screwed. It doesn’t matter if they are intelligent or dumb, these people are brainwashed from a year of gaslighting by the media, politicians and big tech. Vaccine passports are the next chapter in this sordid saga.

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    1. Good people siding with totalitarian policy and not considering available evidence because it deviates from established “group think” has been extremely difficult to comprehend. Mass indoctrination. It has occurred many times through history. Pol Pot moved over a million people out of Phnom Penh within a couple of days for their “safety”. Hitler convinced most of Germany that the ghettos were necessary for “health and safety” reasons. Etc etc.

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