Weaponised Evidence?

Mumbai Mirror article : Covid is a mild disease, no need to panic Director of All India Institutes of Medical Science trying to instal calm via contextualised information

Almost noone has followed established, well documented pandemic public health evidence over the past year. The few exceptions include Sweden and some US states such as South Dakota, with others gradually realising their errors: most famously Florida in October 2020; more recently Texas. Globally, those arguing for key evidence based action such as protecting the vulnerable, minimising fear, providing consistent information based on honest and contextualised data, and maintaining normalcy in society, have been villified, ostracised and silenced.

Thousands of scientists worldwide have spoken out, many at great personal expense. The most famous being Dr Wodarg, a pulmonologist, epidemiologist and politician who dared to challenge the Swine Flu pandemic response in 2009. Today many of the world’s most pre-eminent public health scientists, giants in their fields of virology, immunology, epidemiology, evidence based medicine and more, have been relegated from meritous stature to anti-scientific conspiracists and “granny killers”. Anders Tegnell, Michael Levitt, Sucharit Bhakdi, John Ioannidis, Carl Heneghan, Knutt Wittkowski, Sunetra Gupta, Martin Kulldorff, Jay Bhattacharya, Scott Atlas, Karin Moelling to name a tiny few of the world’s most esteemed public health figures who are now maligned and expunged. Other less known figures have faced disciplinary action for speaking out, such as Canadian doctors Kulvinder Kaur-Gill, Rodger Hodkinson and Charles Hoffe, all of whom, independently of one another, have dared to ask basic public health questions and challenge aberrant practices.

In a climate of extreme fear conspiracy became normal and normal became conspiracy. For a year now I have felt horrified by “new normal” and have tried to comprehend what could possibly have driven such an irrational, dishonest, globally unanimous and monstrously harmful response? Why has fear been the main theme, promoted by fraudulent representations of a virus which has caused no to minimal excess mortality anywhere? Why has standard public health scrutiny become forbidden as though it’s some dangerous conspiracy that will cause universal death and destruction?

This fifteen minute video, providing historical documentary on Bill Gates’ corporate and philanthropic behaviours, was deleted from main platforms but recently re-uploaded at “ourtube”. It raises a few questions worth considering.

Would the 2020s have played out as they have, had Donald A. Henderson still been alive? Responsible for the public health program which eradicated Smallpox globally, he and co-authors concluded in a critical review Disease mitigation measures in the control of pandemic influenza, the following:

Would the 2020s have played out as they have, had Kary Mullis still been alive? Creator of the reverse-transcription Polymerase-Chain-Reaction test which can detect minute amounts of viral genetic material, now being used to diagnose Covid-19 disease, he spoke out against the dishonesty of Dr Anthony Fauci many years ago. Mullis warned the following:

Would the 2020s have played out as they have, if instead of being told to be afraid, we were taught just how many viruses we are exposed to; and need to be exposed to for reasons of good health, every single day? A tiny portion of the hundreds of detectable viruses which infect humans, usually doing the imperative job of teaching our immune systems how to respond, are monitored by laboratory surveillance, such as those documented at Bio Fire Syndromic Trends. As a general rule these organisms cause no, or only mild disease. However they all also have the ability, when circumstances are suitable, to cause severe disease and death. RSV and Influenza, for example, are far more dangerous to young children than SARS-CoV-2; yet most children will survive these infections with stronger immunity meaning that the next exposure will be less severe.

Most viruses do not harm us, or only minimally so whilst our immune systems kick into action. Detection of viral genetic material alone proves nothing without demonstrating presence of disease and excluding other infectious organisms as the cause of that disease. In the 2020s, detection of one single scrap of a specific viral nucleic acid became the definition of disease, often using high cycle thresholds in laboratories working under stressful conditions, increasing the false positive rate to significant levels. How did this happen? Why did it happen?

Christian Drosten, who created the SARS-CoV-2 PCR test in his Berlin laboratory, understands that PCR cannot tell us whether a person actually has a disease. Most public health trained people with infectious disease knowledge and experience also understand this. Yet PCR testing of healthy people is standard practice for Covid-19 diagnosis and leads to quarantines, (small) business closures, stay at home orders, curfews, border restrictions and other harmful recommendations which have now been pursued for more than a year with no evidence to suggest they serve a purpose. Why?

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