We Need To Care

Biomedical fascism is now globally widespread with justification being that there is a frightening virus amongst us, and more biological threats in our near future, which we must be protected against. Only governments have the capability to protect us and it can only be done by making us more vulnerable in every other way. Social restrictions, movement restrictions, police and military involvement, technological surveillance, economic destruction, constant reminders via signage, mask wearing and media reports of death and suffering have been implemented globally under the false pretence that these things represent public health. At no time in almost twenty years working in disease surveillance and outbreak control, did I learn about or practice any of these things as public health or epidemic response.

Today public health training apparently includes lectures delivered by Bill Gates, a software developer and corporate investor with no formal qualifications whatsoever. When you listen to him speak on Covid, the only solutions to outbreaks involve pharmaceuticals (tests, new and expensive medications, novel and experimental vaccines), technology (online learning, online work-from-home) and severe restrictions of society (technological surveillance, vaccine passports). Much of what he says in the many interviews he gives to media as some sort of public health expert deceptively contradicts basic public health principles, using public health terminology in distorted contexts which promote the use of his “innovative tools”. Yet astoundingly, every recommendation he makes seems to be followed, regardless of whether evidence supports it or not.

It’s a very big coincidence that all outbreak solutions now involve these tools which involve Mr Gates “saving” us and also happen to benefit him financially. He also happens to fund multiple public institutions, from World Health Organisation to academic journals, institutional research projects, academic tenures and mainstream media outlets. Noone ever corrects him, so the victor rewrites public health as everyone pretends evidence supports his falsifications of lockdown policies and the structural frameworks reinforcing them. He essentially now owns public health and this is apparently of no concern to most of us.

Like Covid, Swine Flu was falsely presented using fear based tactics in 2009 as far more dangerous than it actually was. Dr Wodarg and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Health Committee managed to put an end to this action by threatening a public disclosure of the undue influence of the Pharmaceutical industry over World Health Organisation. This defence was successful in 2009, but in 2020 forces behind the fraud were better prepared, integrated and organised. Nevertheless, pressure is building as more people realise something is amiss and resistance involving collaboration between some very clever scientific, medical and legal minds grows.

The International Legal Offensive of the Stiftung Corona Ausschuss led by Dr Reiner Fuellmich met in two separate sessions last week and can be viewed at the below two links. The very first testimonial, by Italian Lawyer, Dr Renate Holzeisen, is only twenty minutes long but an incredibly powerful description of actions now being implemented in the name of our new global “public health” paradigm. Other testimonies from equally credible witnesses across multiple nations are just as impressive.

These so-called public health measures are being implemented globally by a tiny but powerful structure who were never elected and whose only influence is due to wealth and altruistic reputation.

None of us are excluded. We need to care.

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