Vikings to the Rescue

Compare these freedoms with the experience of people in Lithuania who must now prove their Covid vaccination status in order to hold down employment and access services including health care. How recent vaccine mandate laws have upended my family’s life. Jordan Schachtel’s latest Substack article, Freedom prevails: COVID data shows ‘public health’ mandates only harm … More Vikings to the Rescue

Examining Fear

Professor of Clinical Pscyhology at Gent University in Belgium, Mattias Desmet, gave this testimonal to the Corona Ausschuss with Dr Reiner Fuellmich recently. A fascinating insight into the psychology behind the formation of a mass psychological phenomenon. It is not a secret, and has likely always been known to those with propensity to carry out … More Examining Fear

I Do Not Consent

Dr Robert Malone, who in the 1980s developed the mRNA technology now used in the Covid-19 experimental vaccines, spoke for ten minutes at “Pandemic War Room“. He is cautiously coming to the conclusion that the much-warned-about Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE), one of the “conspiracies” of many informed scientists, is establishing itself. As a result of … More I Do Not Consent