Communist Style Immunisation

Michael Senger, the lawyer and researcher who has investigated the origins of lockdown and the philosophy of “Fangkong” discussed his findings in this interview with Dr Robert Spalding, a retired US Airforce Brigadier-General. Describing how he became active in the anti-lockdown community and how that led to his lockdown research, Senger states, “I saw that the mainstream media were not covering this. And that to me was very eerie…. Buying into these lockdowns without any real debate. It infuriated me that our leaders had literally just condemned people to essentially starve, just destroyed everyone’s livelihoods. For the first time in history. This has never happened before. And there was no debate about this…“.

Tonight he shared this on Twitter:

By this time last year, nearly every country but China was in lockdown. Millions were unemployed, facts were censored, the poor were starving, and most people were brainwashed to want even more. There was only 1 person capable of this level of evil.

And he’d left a calling card.

Speaking of lockdowns as anything but “what has to happen” has led to all manner of responses, none of them pleasant and mostly involving the need for me to shut my bad/conspiratorial mouth. Totalitarianism establishes with ease when people are told to feel afraid. Fear messages have been strong and constant for over a year now. This is an exceptionally effective measure for establishing consensus thought and removing our right to consider and discuss evidence and opinions. As Senger states, “dictatorships are excellent at using groupthink against people, at using groupthink to control… that’s how all dictatorships work. All dictatorships work through groupthink. All dictators are, in some ways, psychological masterminds at weaponising groupthink to their own advantage“.

At such an incredibly bizarre time, people like Senger and Spalding, and collaborations such as PANDA, Rational Ground, Collateral Global, Great Barrington Declaration, Planet Lockdown, UK’s HARTGroup and Time For Recovery, America’s Frontline Doctors, Global Frontline Nurses, the English and/or translated versions of testimonials to the international Corona Auschuss, Australia’s Covid Medical Network, New Zealand’s Covid Plan B, Canada’s Concerned Ontario Doctors, and others I can’t immediately think of, are working to keep the travesty at bay.

Some days it feels like David fighting Goliath. Other days you remember that David won.

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