Dark Truth Revealed: Medical Censorship, Dubious Networks and the Medical Council of New Zealand

I have never met a doctor, when I bring up the Federation of State Medical Boards, who knows what I’m talking about … The medical councils of the world have been captured by the Federation. We should not be allowing a private corporation to be influencing medical councils like this. If we … More Dark Truth Revealed: Medical Censorship, Dubious Networks and the Medical Council of New Zealand

Rule By Racketeer

Clare Wills-Harrison is a Secession lawyer in the UK. She has spoken out publicly of her experiences working with elderly and dying clients during the Covid-19 pandemic (for example in July 2020 and December 2021). Most recently I heard her interviewed by Dr Bryan Ardis, on her findings related to the use of Benzodiazepine (Midazolam) … More Rule By Racketeer

Sound Minds

The science meetings at Panda have largely occurred without general public access, but in recent days a new channel sharing edited Open Science Sessions has opened. In the first episode Patrick Shaw Stewart, a Zoologist with molecular biology and bio-engineering expertise presents The Evolution of Respiratory Viruses – Hypotheses and Practical Considerations. Dr Pamela Popper … More Sound Minds

Once Free

Lockdown (aka Fangkong) worked in Australia. Until it didn’t work. Because Fangkong is not a public health intervention with any evidence to support its use in viral control. Fangkong controls human populations. Unquestioningly if enough fear is generated. The afraid will blindly follow nonsensical rules and continue to chase ongoing promises of freedom just-as-soon-as-you-follow-the-next-rule. Public … More Once Free

Questioning Scientism

Matthew B Crawford has degrees in physics and political philosophy. He is a senior fellow at the University of Virginia’s Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture. Unherd published his piece How science has been corrupted: the pandemic has revealed a darkly authoritarian side to expertise and he gave an excellent interview with Freddie Sayers in … More Questioning Scientism

Those Who Know Tyranny Don’t Support It

Those who have experienced tyranny seem to share an awareness that those of us living protected, somewhat ignorant lives, remain oblivious to. Tyranny is establishing with a combination of passive acceptance courtesy of our oblivion and active support courtesy of the fear we are told daily to maintain. Warning bells are ringing. We ignore them … More Those Who Know Tyranny Don’t Support It