Declarations and Class Actions

Bankruptcies. School closures. Mortgage foreclosures. Mass starvation, increased poverty and disease across the poor world. Increased homelessness, suicides, cases of severe child abuse, alcoholism, overdoses and mental health conditions. Cancellation of health care for other conditions including cancers and life threatening disease.
For evidence on the harms of lockdown policies and practices: CollateralGlobal ; EndLockdowns ; RationalGround.

In the name of protecting us against this?

How does this make sense?

James Delingpole scored this great interview with Dr Reiner Fuellmich, one of the most ethical and courageous people to emerge from the carnage of the past 15 months. When you’re searching for a dash of decency and hope, a dose of Dr Fuellmich helps. He lays out the history of this pandemic and discusses plans for very imminent legal action on three continents.

PANDA’s Declaration for the Protection of Children and Young People From the Covid-19 Response, May 2021 is available for signature. Attempts are being made now, to engage with humanitarian organisations who have been largely either silent or complicit. The Declaration’s author Abir Ballan, Psychologist and Master of Public Health, who I volunteer alongside, gave this interview with Dan Astin-Gregory within the past couple of days: It’s Time to Put Our Children First.

Canadian medical physicians are pushing back vehemently against fascistic government rules attempting to obstruct them from freedom to practice ethically. Anyone daring to argue against public health orders, many of which are purely political with no public health evidence supporting them (lockdown laws), faces threat of having their medical licence revoked. Mandating conformity to state policy is a violation of the scientific method, the practice of evidence based medicine and the medical duty of informed consent. Dr Rodger Hodkinson was the first physician I heard speak out against the tyranny taking hold in Canada, and his fervent four minutes to the Alberta Community and Public Services Committee went viral with good reason. According to the latest short video from Kate Wand over 10,000 have already signed the Declaration of Canadian Physicians for Science and Truth.

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