Cooking the Books

BBC interviewer:
“How did Singapore handle the pandemic so well?”

Singapore Health Official:
“Your question should be “How did the UK not handle the pandemic so well?””

BBC interviewer:
“What do you mean?”

Singapore Health Official:
“We followed the ‘UK Pandemic Response Protocol‘. The UK did not!”

Oneday it will be a given that government ministers and health experts affiliated with corrupted and powerful centralised institutions including the highly profitable pharmaceutical industry, are not motivated by the greater good of society.

As all pre-2020 pandemic plans understood, the default state of viruses is to spread. Human interventions designed to push against that are neither guaranteed nor sustainable. Eventually, if a virus is going to spread through normal societal function, then that is what it will do. Spread is not guaranteed in every location or population, as the epidemiology triangle demonstrates. Different diseases show different patterns for all manner of reasons relating to the virus in question, the environment, the population and the way all three interact together.

Spread also does not automatically equate to harm. PCR testing being pushed in completely healthy populations shows us this time and again. Protecting the vulnerable is how public health has always worked as focusing on those not at risk is a misuse of scarce resources offering zero benefit and causing enormous harm, as demonstrated by the horrors of lockdown policy including mass testing and quarantines of people with no risk or symptoms.

It is ironic and obviously corrupt, that positive PCR test results, announced as “cases” in completely healthy people with no risk or symptoms of disease, are used to maintain fear instead of showing that the test tells us nothing about disease. Shutting down society is profound, unsustainable, damaging, and completely abnormal. Ensuring a perpetual pandemic is the only outcome of the policies being pushed by compromised politicians and leaders.

Tedros: epitome of corruption, announces his idea for a perpetual pandemic.
Kary Mullis, scientist who invented PCR testing.
Christian Drosten, who developed the SARS-CoV-2 PCR test under dubious circumstances, talking about the corruptibility of PCR testing and media fearmongering, in 2014.
The whole pandemic is based on PCR testing. Why?
In 2020 the complicated dynamics of the epidemiological triangle explaining disease patterns was replaced with the simple lie that “Lockdown controls this specific virus”.

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