When Utopia Went Viral

There is only one entitled truth. Those who don’t believe it have no place speaking. This must have happened across Europe in the 1930s. It must be a common experience in totalitarian-led nations both historically and now. Public safety is protected by keeping “dangerous” information and ideas silenced.

New normal has established a powerful new belief system in which non believers are actively shunned. Belief that we have no effective immune system to tolerate coronaviruses if we breathe them. That breathing them is therefore to be avoided at all possible cost. That cloth and/or microplastic placed over our airways is protective against microorganisms. That staying home promotes immunity and good health. That experimental vaccines are an urgent health initiative for all.

Belief that testing for presence of viral genetic material sitting on healthy tissue rather than testing for illness is an appropriate medical intervention. That such genetic material found on the healthy tissue of the vaccinated (who continue to require testing for “public health” reasons) must not be questioned. That all illness and death in test positive cases is caused by this one virus regardless of other illness or injury.

Belief that if you’ve been in the same location as a single test positive “case”, you are in potential danger, and also a potential danger to others. That as soon as a “case” is “diagnosed”, excess death will occur unless everyone follows specific rules; randomly different rules for different jurisdictions but all related to understanding how dangerous human contact is, and how dangerous it is for young and healthy people to travel freely. That VIPs can obtain exemptions from travel restrictions and rules in order to maintain their lifestyles of attending elite events such as the European football championships, international tennis tournaments and annual horse racing events, is not to be questioned. That nowhere has experienced excess death with the exception of a single brief period last year in specific locations simultaneously, coincidental to the promotion, via “monopolistic medical philanthropists”, of incorrect treatments (toxic drug doses and high pressure ventilation), is not to be questioned.

Belief that these billionaire medical philanthropists understand public health and are telling us to feel afraid as a safety measure. That these philanthropists have the only correct advice for us. That they are profiting from our obedience to their ideas is sheer coincidence. That the many thousands of qualified health professionals disagreeing with what they recognise as incorrect and bizarre analysis and advice, are ill informed conspiracists who must be ignored and/or censored. That if we don’t hear from those with dissenting views on mainstream media, which happens to be owned by our billionaire medical philanthropic advisors, then they are either quacks or likely don’t exist anyway.

This group from Americas Frontline Doctors represent my views and experience. They have helped to save my sanity. I have learned why it is important to be ill informed when living in totalitarian states. Unquestioning obedience to ludicrous ideas is the only way to experience Utopia.

The Safety of Covid-19 Vaccinations – We Should Rethink the Policy. More health researcher / data scientist / medical physicist / physicians who’ve suddenly gone all “anti-vaxx”.

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