One For Every Million

Dr Tess Lawrie of the World Council for Health, quickly evolving into a credible alternative to the highly corrupted World Health Organisation, gave testimony to the Corona Investigative Committee on Friday. She is front and centre, alongside the FLCCC team, of the Ivermectin scandal which is the main mascot for fraud within WHO. Gabriela Bucher … More One For Every Million

Issues of Concern

Another interview here with Dr Peter McCullough on his well researched knowledge and concerns about Covid-19 disease, SARS-CoV-2 infection, and the pandemic response. Brannon Howse on Lindell TV. He describes why the Delta variant has an even lower fatality rate, whilst also evading vaccine immunity, as well as a lot of information on the vaccines … More Issues of Concern

When Utopia Went Viral

There is only one entitled truth. Those who don’t believe it have no place speaking. This must have happened across Europe in the 1930s. It must be a common experience in totalitarian-led nations both historically and now. Public safety is protected by keeping “dangerous” information and ideas silenced. New normal has established a powerful new … More When Utopia Went Viral

Anti-Science Sinkhole

The impact of promoting fear in healthy people with insignificant disease risk is hard to comprehend. I experienced this during the Swine Flu Swindle in 2009. Poor public health messaging and panic-driven practices led to systems becoming overwhelmed by the worried well, encouraged by trashy tabloid journalists mongering fear into a perfectly healthy population. Over … More Anti-Science Sinkhole

Smoke Rising

When I visited Auschwitz in Poland years ago, the guides spoke of the locals who all denied knowing what had happened on the very edge of their village. It was clearly impossible not to have seen the smoke, heard the trains, heard the gunshots, heard the screams, heard the dogs barking. An awkward truth in … More Smoke Rising

Trying to Understand

Whilst vaccination saves lives, vaccine promotion due to market forces compared to promotion via public health evidence can have a negative impact. After months of warning alerts, in June of 2009 World Health Organisation declared a global Swine Flu pandemic. Ultimately the H1N1 Swine Flu, still circulating today, posed no greater risk of severe disease … More Trying to Understand

Looking Beyond Lockdowns

In the space of a single year, after circulating in the human transmission chain for millennia in a cyclical pattern of “good season”/”bad season”, influenza has all but completely disappeared from the globe. Since early 2020 specific nations continue to be hailed for their successful lockdown policies keeping populations safe from Covid-19, whilst other nations … More Looking Beyond Lockdowns