The Decents and the Dictators

The BBC reported that there were 350 people. There were probably 500,000“.

This is now the mainstream media’s modus operandi. It all fits perfectly with the behaviour that has been known about BBC’s donor Bill Gates since his legal deposition in 1998 when he testified about Microsoft’s breaching of antitrust laws. It wasn’t a pretty hearing. He has since had years of public relations training and marketing. He has not since reviewed his desires for domination.

Sally Beck, a freelance health and human interest journalist working for mainstream media, testified to the Corona Ausschuss investigative committee yesterday. Across her 30 year career she had never once written for alternative media until last year. She publishes her Coronavirus stories at Conservative Woman as mainstream outlets decline all of her submissions. What she has to say to Dr Fuellmich and his team should be known by every person on the planet who cares about justice.

A very quick skim of the hundreds of UK institutions receiving funding from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation gives the quite disturbing picture below. Meanwhile, many standing up and speaking out loudly against what is going on are not lightweights. An excellent example is Dr Robert Malone. A serious career scientist credited with inventing the mRNA / DNA gene therapy technology used by the experimental Covid vaccines. Two days ago he gave a long (1.5 hour) but informative interview with Del Bigtree on The High Wire. “I cut my teeth at the Salk Institute, created on the cliffs of La Jolla overlooking the Pacific by Jonas Salk. It’s kind of a temple to vaccines“. I wonder why he suddenly turned into an anti-vaxx conspiracist?

  • Public Health England, the health protection agency with the UK government’s Department of Health and Social Care, have a significant role in pandemic response;
  • Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) are responsible for approving vaccines;
  • I have no idea what Tony Blair does but I do know he is given air time on BBC and other mainstream media, to voice his demands for vaccine passports to be enforced. This idea will ensure that normal life cannot be resumed except for those who follow the new vaccination rules including frequent boosters plus ongoing asymptomatic testing and masking etc, all of which are considered newly important health initiatives and which coincidentally happen to benefit large corporate networks;
  • The other recipients are mainstream media organisations and as these few grants show, different departments within the same organisations receive separate amounts of money.
  • Massive amounts are granted to large universities, many of whom employ academics speaking on the pandemic response to mainstream media. The narrative which made no sense whatsoever for many months, suddenly made sense when these connections became known.

Today’s “350 people” gathering in London to protest against the pandemic response destroying society.

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