Our Own Inquisition

Anthony Fauci is the guy who recommends: Masking (and double masking) with no criteria and contrary to evidence; mRNA vaccines (which he happens to have financial interest in); Remdesivir as a treatment (highly toxic, linked to many deaths labelled as Covid; he happens to have financial interest); Against repurposed, safe, effective early treatments such as … More Our Own Inquisition

Opinion Outrage

In early 2020 I researched two terms which were suddenly being spoken of a lot. At that time I used Google and YouTube as reliable sources, but have since learned that they belong to the information control grid (aka “Trusted News Initiative”). There were some really useful and recently published references on the difference between … More Opinion Outrage

The Time To Stand Is Now

Probably the most informative documentary available to describe exactly what is happening to our world today is The Corbett Report: Bill Gates Full Documentary. Whilst qualified experts with specialised knowledge on issues from clinical medicine to epidemiology continue to be censored aggressively, Gates holds forte with mainstream media including news channels, comedian shows and printed … More The Time To Stand Is Now

Futures and Freedoms

Joachim Kuhs, German Member of the European Parliament, made a parliamentary plea on 29 September 2021 which can be heard at this link, on behalf of those injured by the experimental Covid vaccines. As is now customary, his reputation has no doubt since been fact-checked by media giants.

Be Unbreakable

Dr Peter McCullough is the most cited medical scientist on matters of Covid, with over 45 peer reviewed articles on the subject. His paper Pathophysiological Basis and Rationale for Early Outpatient Treatment of SARS-CoV-2 (Covid) Infection is the most widely downloaded article in the history of the American Journal of Medicine. Some of it is … More Be Unbreakable