A Conversation with PANDA

Nick Hudson: by day I’m an investor, but for the last year I’ve been putting together an organisation called PANDA. We formed informally in February last year, when we started to notice a huge gap between what the data were telling us about the pandemic, and what the media were telling us. What started off as a group of friends around a glass of wine, ended up as an international organisation with members in something approaching 30 countries, with hundreds of scientists who are all looking at this whole thing very differently from the conventional narrative.

Mike Cavallo: a Canadian musician who had questions about the fear being promoted. Every time he had a question, he was shut down. What do you know? You’re not a doctor, you have no academics to back up your statement. Then it became political! How the hell did this become political? I’m a liberal guy, and all of a sudden I’m categorised. Hey man, I just want to create a dialogue, which is surely essential? That’s why I reached out to PANDA and several others, and now I can say, well I am speaking and conversing with scientists and doctors and professors that do tackle this field.

These are not alternative nutcases. These are intelligent, informed, analytical thinkers. Who recognise a social disaster taking place across the western world. Which many continue to support without critical thought or questioning because of a massive propaganda campaign.

Nick Hudson and Mike Cavallo : Real Talk With Zuby

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