In the name of public health

Vietnam have now implemented a new rule which Cambodia are expected to follow soon.

Anyone presenting for medical care or trying to travel between provinces is mandated to have a rapid diagnostic Covid test. The cost is US$10. For most this is unaffordable and so most will no longer seek medical care or attempt to travel. At the same time, lockdowns are causing starvation and a rise in multiple other illnesses.

In Cambodia, the cost of Covid testing at the national borders is US$80 and if the rapid diagnostic test is positive, follow up PCR testing is mandated. Their mandated costs are likely to be closer to $100 per person, than the $10 imposed in Vietnam with reports already showing up in the media of new, mostly unaffordable, hospital charges in the name of Covid testing. US$100 loans to someone who can’t find cash to feed themselves on any given day can be a lifetime of debt and stress. New “anti Covid” medications are already being marketed en masse to a population with no health literacy and being told to be very afraid of this “novel” disease. Anecdotally people have stopped feeling afraid of or believing the Covid fearmongering, and started talking about the increased difficulties of finding health care for sick loved ones.

People whose life might be saved by, for example, seeking free TB treatment, bringing a child to hospital with pneumonia, malnutrition or diarrhoea, or seeking care for heart attacks and strokes, will no longer be able to do so. Many who may have a way of finding the finances to do so, will be too afraid when the outcome can be weeks in quarantine with no income.

The fear that “public health” have deliberately promoted, that media feed, and that the wealthy world have so quickly and unquestioningly believed, gives this free reign to corrupt despots everywhere.

The impoverished face genocide.

In Vietnam’s population of 100 million, 90 people have allegedly died from Covid in 15 months. This is likely even lower than the expected false positive rate. Cambodia, with 17 million people and an average age of 25yo, are alleged to have had just over 900 deaths. The chances that this is true are highly unlikely. Covid testing is mandated for every person presenting for care; payments are connected to Covid diagnoses; there is no surveillance or counting of other diseases or causes of death; patients as varied as broken bones to heart attacks who test positive are admitted to Covid dedicated wards without the resources or skills to offer the necessary care; other, already sparse health care programs have lost resources; and Covid teams are moving in communities looking for targets to test. “Health care” has been reduced to “Covid care” based on PCR tests which have no place being used for diagnostic purposes.

Yesterday during a video call to Cambodia, there was commotion outside and my contact stated that “the team” had arrived in the neighbourhood with their testing kits. The commotion was the sound of her neighbours living in shacks with no locks or even doors, “hiding and running away”. Such non compliance risks fines of between $250 to $1250 and up to 6 months in prison. Mandated vaccination and vaccine passports have already been implemented. Anyone seeking employment must produce their ID card with vaccine proof.

Covid almost exclusively only transmits from people with symptoms. Yet almost every premise of the Covid public health response – testing, masking, quarantining, staying home, closing businesses, stopping employment, stopping schooling, obstructing travel, requiring QR Code check-ins for all social and economic activity – focuses on those at low risk without symptoms. At the same time protection of the vulnerable has been dismissed as somehow impossible, even though nursing home residents typically don’t have day jobs or take holidays. Early treatment of those with symptoms using existing, safe, accessible and affordable medications have been aggressively obstructed and even outlawed. What would be the reason behind such behaviour and will those who have implemented these rules at the cost of many lives, be held accountable?

PANDA have analysed the word counts in all of World Health Organisation’s press releases. One of the strongest relationships detected was whenever “vaccines” are mentioned, so are “children”. Vaccines are not mentioned constantly, but whenever the vaccine narrative peaks, there is an overlay of talk about children. Children who are not at risk of Covid-19 disease, who get no benefit from vaccination against this disease, and whose presence in households has demonstrated protective effect to the adults they live with against Covid-19 disease, appear to be the target. The elderly and the vulnerable, by comparison, are almost never mentioned.

In the name of “public health”? I think not.

We are failing to meet the fundamentals of medical ethics, that go back to the Nuremberg trials. Those are that there must be complete disclosure of risk. Those risks must be comprehended. And there has to be free willingness to accept the product. It cannot be coerced or enticed. Those are bedrock principles. And these are currently experimental products. For some reason, governments around the world have decided that they can jetison these fundamental ethics and hastily implement these vaccines, and do it in a universal way … The normal practice is that we do risk-benefit analysis, stratified by special populations: adults, elderly, children, adolescents, pregnant women etc. But we’re applying aggregated risk that is almost completely concentrated in the elderly and obese, and some special populations, we’re applying that risk to the entire population and using it to justify vaccinating the entire population. With the assumption that this will enable herd immunity. But it wont enable herd immunity because the vaccines are not sterilising for the virus… This gives rise to conspiracy theories because clearly this logic we’ve applied for vaccine development over decades, is not being followed.” ~ Dr Robert Malone, in testimony to Corona Ausschuss, 10 July 2021

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