Coming for the Children

Anyone ignoring the exposé on Dr Anthony Fauci of NIAID in the USA is ignoring a humanitarian crime of a scale that surpasses anything ever experienced. Judy Mikovits talks about her experiences working with the cartel Fauci has installed under the guise of providing a public health service on taxpayer funds at The Highwire, here. Dr David Martin has described Fauci’s cartel activities in great detail as I have shared previously (Where is the reporting on any of this?)

It is a fact of Covid-19 disease that children are not at risk. Why is Covid-19 less severe in children, British Medical Journal explains the multi-factorial reasons for this. Sharing a household with children and risk of Covid-19, British Medical Journal explains how the more children there are in a household, the higher the protective levels against Covid-19 their adult contacts have.

So why has Dr Fauci just stated that children over the age of two years old are recommended to wear masks? He gives one condition. Unvaccinated children. When you note his power over the $6 billion budget which he shuffles between university drug development and gain of function research projects, and the Big Pharmaceutical companies lining up to receive the contracts he coordinates, then the interviews he has given over the past few days make sense. Unvaccinated children.

In places like Cambodia lockdown is now killing children from malnutrition and malnutrition-related disease. Diagnosis is largely unavailable as health care is even less accessible to the poor because of lockdown. “Health care” is now “Covid care”, as I have already described. Testing kits, testing machines, medications and other “public health” paraphernalia are already an important element of the new economy establishing itself as the poorest starve to death.

Every presentation to any health care facility is mandated a SARS-CoV-2 test. Noone considers that every individual has a respiratory virome replete with many millions of virus traces. That is the nature of our respiratory cavities; that many “diseases” move in and out of our respiratory tract via the mere act of breathing. This interaction usually causes no harm, and in fact has benefits such as promoting immunity. There is no testing for Influenza, Adenovirus, Rhinovirus, RSV, Metapneumovirus, Para-influenza or the multitude other viruses which pass in and out of our respiratory tract many times during our lifespan. They usually cause no harm in healthy individuals, but they can and do cause respiratory disease, especially in children, under certain conditions relating to the individual’s immune system at a given point in time.

Every one of these viruses may now cause a global pandemic should our esteemed “public health” agencies decide to engage in fearmongering and call for virus-specific testing in the quest to “diagnose cases”. The pseudo-epidemic characteristics promoted by the current public health response to Covid-19 has been well described for many months now by Dr Clare Craig and a range of other experts in virology, immunology, diagnostics and PCR testing. In the impoverished world, where lack of disease surveillance systems and quality diagnostics makes Covid-19 focused services far easier to impose, these pseudo-epidemic characteristics can become a roaring success.

Cambodia, led by US CDC and WHO, have today ramped up SARS-CoV-2 testing of children. Any child presenting for health care for any reason must have a SARS-CoV-2 test. Any child contact of any age living with a “Covid case” (ie someone with a SARS-CoV-2 positive test, regardless of symptoms) must be swabbed. Lockdown propaganda is everywhere: “if you leave home, and your child subsequently ‘gets Covid’, then that’s your fault”. Impoverished people seeking ways to feed their children must be admonished and punished for not caring about their children’s health. Where is my sanity misunderstanding this merry-go-round of terror?

Unvaccinated children. Long-established tyranny of a war torn, Communist nation ensures parents and families will obey. This tyranny has ensured very low health literacy in the general population. The bio-medical fascism rolling out globally is most easily executed when tyranny is already installed. Evidence based public health is obviously unnecessary as seen by similarly low quality politicised practices happening globally. World Health Organisation and Centers for Disease Control wield enormous, unquestionable power when people are desperate to receive quality care, and where expatriate reputations are gold.

These crimes against humanity are playing out with our collective permission. Should we really be so afraid of this one virus? What does a positive SARS-CoV-2 test actually mean? Does it really define a “case” of disease? What are the excess death numbers in any country over the past year that support claims we are living through a deadly pandemic? What are the risks associated with the experimental vaccine rollout? What risks do children really face in this pandemic? What are the connections between powerful pandemic players such as Dr Fauci and the pharmaceutical industry; Dr Tedros and Xi Jinping; Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab? Big Tech and Mainstream Media? Are these people really motivated by doing good for humanity?

This tragedy could be stopped before it gets any worse. But we need to deprogram a propagandised globe first.

PANDA Declaration for the Protection of Children and Young People From the Covid-19 Response.

It’s a personal mission of mine to see Tony Fauci walk off in handcuffs” ~ Del Bigtree
Multiple others must share his chains ~ Me

2 thoughts on “Coming for the Children

  1. Thank you for a very good article on this tragedy being perpetrated on our children. The unvaccinated are being held up as the reason we have all this manufactured trouble, and they are relentlessly pursuing our children to poison them all.
    I’ll be sharing your article on my own blog.

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