Or Stay In Bed For a Day or Two?

If you are sick enough with symptoms of a viral respiratory disease to need health care then quality medical services will either treat your symptoms, or in certain specific circumstances where it is considered useful, they may request viral testing to cover the range of most likely laboratory-detectable causes of your symptoms. Diagnosticians compare a range of test results against symptoms and other relevant data before making a clinical diagnosis. Until Covid came along, a single test did not determine a diagnosis and such behaviour would have been considered medically negligent.

Positive tests can be incidental. For example if your symptoms are cancer of the kidney with no respiratory or infectious process then a positive Influenza test – unlikely to ever be taken in the first place of course – is not your diagnosis. Viruses circulate amongst healthy people. Disease is the result of the immune system’s incapacity to control a virus, not the mere presence of a virus in an airway. Many of the 200+ known human respiratory viruses are not laboratory-detectable, so there may also be no specific diagnosis available if you do have respiratory symptoms.

The only benefit of a single virus test which isn’t diagnostic is to those profiting from the perpetual pandemic. These are the same people promoting “Covid testing” as a public health intervention. It is not a public health intervention and it is causing unprecedented harms, particularly on children and the poor, at enormous profit to the wealthy and powerful. Why did the UK take such a bad Covid hit, whilst simultaneously defeating many prior diseases of significance? As home and/or host of some of the biggest pharmaceutical industry players including AstraZeneca and Pfizer, is it mere coincidence?

Mild respiratory symptoms don’t need you to seek a test for one single virus. Stay at home until you’re better.

Covid Delta (Plus Booster Gamma SuperSizeMe et al): what we once called the Common Cold.

It is beyond time to stop destroying humanity for this.

Don’t get tested. Just stay at home.

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