Cartels and Dialectics

This is unprecedented. We’ve never seen this before. We’ve never seen doctors and scientists and specialists speaking out. Concerned about the pandemic. Saying this isn’t scientific consensus. There was at one stage, scientific consensus, when it came to handling vaccinations around the world. But that no longer exists. What shattered it? What is so special about this virus that it has divided the scientific community? ~ Del Bigtree, introducing Dr Astrid Stuckelberger.

The pandemic is organised internationally in a systemic way. WHO … are doing live communications, very general, generalising, changing words, changing definitions, not giving precise data, not giving precise science. What is very shocking, is that all the media in the world are saying the same thing, the same words … They are paying the media to produce what they want. ~ Dr Astrid Stuckelberger, WHO Whistleblower

Dr Stuckelberger has spoken on a number of different forums this year, most recently with Del Bigtree at The Highwire (it starts at 1 hour). As an American mainstream investigative journalist with years of medical journalism experience, Bigtree’s reporting is hard to dismiss.

Meanwhile, lockdown is causing hunger and malnutrition, increasing diseases of poverty such as diarrhoeal disease, particularly in slums and villages without adequate water and hygiene. This is a very useful state of affairs for the dishonest Covid response. The NHS/Manchester City Council logos on advertising below serve a useful purpose as anything linked to western world health care is believed unquestioningly by people with limited literacy and limited access to decent care.

The false positive pseudoepidemic being deliberately pushed onto people who are being told every single day to feel afraid of a disease that is insignificant to them whilst ignoring the diseases that are killing them en masse due to lockdowns layered onto poverty. Avoiding Covid testing comes with heavy fines and jail sentences. Comprehensive diagnostics are unavailable to most, so if you get diarrhoea or feel “tired and unwell”, all you have is a mandated Covid test. These tests are not fit for diagnostic purposes, as I have explained repeatedly for at least a year now.

This is not public health. This is Hegelian Dialectic. Starting at the highest echelons of so-called “health”.

[Previously] research sponsored by pharmaceutical companies was out of the question … Many ethics in what is going on does not correspond to what WHO is saying … In the case of the vaccine, for example, we know that in Europe there is already, absolutely confirmed by Eudravigilance, 18,000 deaths directly linked to the vaccine with 1,800,000 severe cases reported, which is only about 10% [of actual injuries]. In a normal research you would stop this immediately. I am really shocked at what is going on … Tedros and his team are lying, they are not doing science, and who can we call to stop him? [Where is the regulatory agency?] ~ Dr Astrid Stuckelberger

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