Doctors For Covid Ethics

In terms of the media, none of this would have been possible without the press and the media. The press and the media are doing the gaslighting on a mass scale. Journalists, editors, TV pundits. They’ve become glorified sales reps for the pharmaceutical industry. That’s effectively the role they are playing, and this is a problem that started decades ago. If you read John Abramson’s great book “The Overdosing of America”, you see how drug companies have gradually captured the general practitioners and medical practices over the years. To the point where it’s becoming very difficult, especially in a country like the USA, to give care if you’re a doctor, because your patients demand drugs that they’ve seen advertised on TV. And what we’ve seen in the last year or so with the vaccines, and these pharmaceutical companies that have billions of dollars of judgements against them in terms of damages, all of a sudden are bestowed saint-like status by government officials. Like these are somehow omnipotent organisations that could do no harm. In fact nothing could be further from the truth. So we are in a very perilous situation with regards to regulatory capture and media capture. This is a really difficult impasse that we find ourselves in, when you have media, government and the pharmaceutical industry locked in so tight. So we really rely on the public’s level of education as a high priority“. ~ Geopolitical Analyst and independent Journalist, Patrick Henningsen, speaking at the Doctors For Covid Ethics Symposium this weekend.

The Corona Ausschuss continue to investigate the corruption behind this global crisis. Most recently testimony from Dr Bryan Ardis, on the push for Remdesivir to treat Covid-19. Remdesivir is a new and expensive drug, with documented safety issues and not FDA-approved, which Anthony Fauci has financial ties to. Meanwhile prescriptions of pre-existing, cheap and safe drugs continue to be dismissed, obstructed and criminalised.

New Normal. So excited.

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