Undermining Reality

In the past few days I made the mistake of getting involved in a “discussion” on Facebook, in which I was accused of not understanding outbreak control. By people unable to provide a single piece of research literature supporting their entrenched stance that “lockdowns work” as an epidemic control measure. Someone challenged me to “prove” … More Undermining Reality

A Move to Mexico

The President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, speaking for 1.5 minutes alongside his Health Secretary, Hugo Lopez-Gatell Ramirez. We need to be careful because, as it’s obvious, pharmaceutical companies wish to make a profit. And would like to keep always selling vaccines for everyone. But we need to prioritise; we need to know if … More A Move to Mexico

Connecting Dots with Leaked Docs

The so-called Swine Flu “pandemic” led to millions of vaccine doses wasted after governments paid billions to the pharma industry in response to a fear led campaign which benefited … pharma. Ultimately Swine Flu had a lower fatality rate than seasonal influenza but the frenzy of fear caused enormous disruption to society’s normal functioning, albeit … More Connecting Dots with Leaked Docs

Anti-Science Sinkhole

The impact of promoting fear in healthy people with insignificant disease risk is hard to comprehend. I experienced this during the Swine Flu Swindle in 2009. Poor public health messaging and panic-driven practices led to systems becoming overwhelmed by the worried well, encouraged by trashy tabloid journalists mongering fear into a perfectly healthy population. Over … More Anti-Science Sinkhole

The Army Marches On

“In their studies they employed a standard influenza model. Namely the ferret. The virus was modified to allow for aerosol transmission to one another. One of the causes of the public misunderstanding was the widespread belief that the virus that was transmitted by aerosol from one ferret to another, actually killed the ferrets. When in … More The Army Marches On