Unpacking Delta

There is a lot of confusing information around the Delta Variant as mainstream media continue to push it as our latest reason to remain afraid. As viruses “mutate down” in lethality, they often (not always) also become more transmissible. So we have media promoting the idea that Delta is a frightening variant, at the same time (in Australia at least), that Covid-19 related hospitalisations are increasing, all making established virology look conspiratorial and denialist.

In this interview with Dr Peter McCullough, Covid-19 treatment expert and co-editor of the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons’ Guide to Home-Based Covid Treatment, he explains the scientific view of Delta Variant. The relevant points he makes are as follows:

Delta is much milder than the initial variants that impacted places like New York and Milan last year. It causes a cold in children. Simple treatments are available if they present with more severe symptoms.

Transmissibility of variants is estimated from laboratory studies which don’t reflect well to human populations.

People who have been infected with SARS-CoV-2 are immune to Delta. Long term immunity is conferred from definite infection, particularly when symptoms were present which triggers a strong immune response. Re-infection is possible in cases of “less solid” infection, at a rate of 0.2%. Reliability of diagnosis is important (PCR testing as a diagnostic is very unreliable, as many of my blogs have attempted to explain).

The reason that Delta appears “more infectious” is that it breaks through the vaccines. This has been shown in multiple locations, such as Iceland, Israel and Massachussetts USA.

Dr McCullough has not so far seen evidence of Antibody Dependent Disease Enhancement (ADE), which many scientists are expressing strong concerns about. Rather than current outbreaks being due to ADE, he feels that they are more likely simply due to the vaccines failing. He refers to the practice of giving vaccines during a pandemic, which is not recommended because vaccinating people en masse whilst a virus is circulating at pandemic levels allows the virus to escape vaccine induced immune responses by mutating around them. He compares this to indiscriminate administration of antibiotics leading to antibiotic resistance.

Delta variant appears to be resistant to the vaccines, and especially Pfizer, as per the evidence from Israel where 84% of people with Covid now, are “fully vaccinated”. The last CDC data showed that 83% of Americans with Covid were fully vaccinated, and in some locations now this figure is 100%.

He states that Delta’s vaccine escape ability is good and bad, with the rise in cases caused by this being brief in populations. He is treating Delta patients, which is very easy to treat and nowhere near as difficult as he experienced with patients this time last year.

For some reason, Delta variant is showing an upsurge in places with warmer temperatures, compared with normal respiratory viruses which usually occur in colder climates. A possible explanation for this may be that the vaccinated are carrying the Delta variant and transmitting it to each other. Evidence for this comes from three different scenarios: a wedding in Houston; a flight from Texas to Washington; and a naval ship in the UK. Analysis suggests that vaccinated people are spreading this variant. This is not happening in populations where natural immunity is established, but in locations where populations are either vaccinated, or non-immune and unvaccinated.

Argument that the unvaccinated are causing surges in the USA is not supported in the data. CDC openly stated in May that they would no longer report those who are vaccinated, who get Covid-19, due to their incapacity to keep up with the flood of cases. They now only report unvaccinated people as cases and they have been open about this practice. It is unclear if they are not collecting vaccination status, so labelling every case “unvaccinated”; or if they are intentionally not sharing information on those who are vaccinated who test positive. Either way this explains why claims in USA media that “the unvaccinated” are responsible for surges, contradicts data from other countries (such as Israel and Iceland), as well as a study in New England (USA), which showed that more vaccinated people than unvaccinated had Covid-19.

McCullough argues that the CDC are not practicing correct public health. He would expect that they would share information on vaccination status of people presenting with Covid-19, and also which vaccine those people have received. Instead they provide no analysis, of which vaccines are less reliable or of the duration of vaccine immunity. “Right now CDC is basically telling people to take the vaccine, with no information on which type, how long, which duration, risk – they are just telling people to take the vaccine. And they are not giving any information on safety and Americans are terrified of the number of injuries they are seeing with the vaccine“.

Dr McCullough firmly believes that under no circumstances should anyone under the age of 30 receive the vaccine, as they cause more harm than good in younger people. Covid-19 in a young person is like a mild cold, which does not require vaccination. Harm from the vaccines includes thousands of cases of heart inflammation, blood clots, paralysis and others, all reported by the FDA. The CDC vaccine consent form states that vaccination is voluntary, not forced. Young people taking these vaccines face more harm than benefit, particularly now that evidence of their ineffectiveness is showing.

America have already lost young people to the vaccine. Other nations (Mexico, Germany, UK) are backing away from the idea of vaccinating young people. America’s vaccine centres have been empty for months now, and many have closed down. In response governments are offering incentives such as lotteries, scholarships and employment bonuses. This is a very tense time in America, and the vaccine is a menace as people are losing their jobs, not attending school, etc.

Dr McCullough’s experience of Long Covid is that it occurs in those who stay at home, unwell, for weeks without seeking treatment. Damage from Long Covid relates to the spike protein, which mRNA vaccines get our body to make, so also relates to vaccine injuries being seen. Those with Long Covid have had prolonged illness with untreated Covid which has damaged their bodies, and it takes a long time to recover. This highlights the need for appropriate early treatment. There is an empirical treatment protocol for Long Covid, available at Frontline Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC), called I-RECOVER. With almost 500,000 Americans who have now sustained vaccine injury, with unknown long term risks, he suggests that the Long Covid treatment centres should also offer treatment to those with vaccine injuries.

Dr McCullough is calling for CDC and other agencies to return to conventional safety monitoring and reporting, which has been absent in the past seven months.

He goes on to talk about the range of treatments available for Covid-19 which can prevent hospitalisation and death when given at the right time in clinical illness.

Dr McCullough believes that the Delta Variant is probably the “final flush” of Covid-19. He calls for vaccination to cease, as it puts pressure on the virus to mutate. Six months ago, according to weekly CDC reports, the USA had 12+ different circulating Covid strains, meaning a lot of cross-immunity occurring in the population. The vaccine gives everyone the same immunity, allowing the virus to work it’s way towards vaccine resistance (known as antigenic escape). Evidence shows that Delta has “skirted around” the spike protein, which is the antigen that the vaccines work on.

Public Health Agencies have failed us, according to Dr McCullough. There are no public health teams, and no collaboration with external experts. Normally a pandemic response program would have a critical event committee, a data safety monitoring board, and a human ethics committee, who would meet regularly to make group decisions. For example, why are pregnant women being encouraged to take these vaccines? They absolutely should not take the vaccine. Neither should Covid-recovered patients.

There are many groups worldwide now, working towards offering public health services which would normally have been assumed by World Health Organisation, Centers for Disease Control and others. Some examples are: American Association of Physicians and Surgeons, Frontline Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance; America’s Frontline Doctors; Health Advisory and Recovery Team (HART) (UK); British Ivermectin Recommendation Development Group (BIRD); Pandemics Data and Analytics (PANDA); Covid Medical Network (Australia); Covid Plan B (NZ); Treatment Domiciliary Group (Italy). All agree on basic public health principles such as offering early treatment to prevent hospitalisation and death; and concerns about safety issues on experimental vaccines.

It is pretty clear right now, the vaccines have backfired. They’ve created this Delta variant. And now we’re paying the price“. More available from Dr McCullough at America Out Loud

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