Dark Times

When you are on the side of those who encourage censorship and character assassination of anyone analysing events with complexity and nuance? That’s not the right side of history. Without a range of information to explain a complex problem? That is propaganda. The latest in an increasingly long line of experts to be shut down … More Dark Times

Dearie Me Delta

About 500 of Australia’s 25 million population die each day. In any given year historically, an average of between 1.5 to 10 per day (fluctuating with seasons), of those deaths have been due to or with, Influenza. Despite being in the middle of the Influenza season, Influenza deaths apparently no longer occur. Currently around two … More Dearie Me Delta

Voodoo Tsunami

“There is no one place where you could go and find the definition for “variant”, for example. Or “isolate” or “strain”. I looked in several textbooks. In fact, not even my textbook, Principles of Virology, co-authored with four other Virologists. Not even there will you find a definition of these terms.” Professor Vincent RaccanielloProfessor of … More Voodoo Tsunami

Unpacking Delta

There is a lot of confusing information around the Delta Variant as mainstream media continue to push it as our latest reason to remain afraid. As viruses “mutate down” in lethality, they often (not always) also become more transmissible. So we have media promoting the idea that Delta is a frightening variant, at the same … More Unpacking Delta

Why Are All These Specialists So Fired Up?

Dr Michael Yeadon, former Chief Scientific Officer at Pfizer, who left Pfizer more than ten years ago to start his own Biotech company and retired independently wealthy in recent years. Dr Peter McCullough, Cardiologist and Epidemiologist, has treated and consulted on treatment of thousands of Covid-19 patients. Professor Sucharit Bhakdi, microbiologist who has taught immunology … More Why Are All These Specialists So Fired Up?