What’s the Problem With WHO?

Problems identified with World Health Organisation have been explored thoroughly at The WHO Paradox: Corporate Dominance in Global Public Health. Vaccinologists Dr Robert Malone and Dr Geert Vanden Bossche spoke about their experiences of these issues in an interesting interview recently. Authentic public health messages about Monkeypox are available at World Council for Health and … More What’s the Problem With WHO?

Science Sessions

“The most toxic substances in human history“, as stated by ICU-Pulmonary Specialist Dr Paul Marik, were explained in detail by Dr Seneff, senior research scientist at Massachussetts Institute of Technology, speaking at a PANDA Open Science Session in March 2022. In the first few minutes she had this to say. A journalist specialising in corruption … More Science Sessions

Twelve Months, 769 Athletes

When are we allowed to acknowledge that something is very wrong? Doctors who speak out are “fact checked” by media outlets owned by the pharmaceutical industry. Their characters are assassinated, careers destroyed, medical licences threatened and removed, and livelihoods stripped. They keep speaking. None of this is without precedent. “Merck, [with] its blockbuster drug, Vioxx, … More Twelve Months, 769 Athletes

A Charlatans Paradise

Professor Luc Montagnier, Virologist and Nobel Prize winner. Dr Vladimir (Zeb) Zelenko, New York Family Physician and developer of the Zelenko Protocol using early treatment to save lives. Dr Rodger Hodkinson, Canadian Pathologist. Dr Peter McCullough, Cardiologist. World Leader, William Gates, on ensuring noone questions anything named a “vaccine”.

Eyes on the Ball

This amazing group of clinicians, leaders in their fields, converged in Washington a few days ago. They discuss their experiences working in an environment of horrific, and deadly, corrupted power. Many of them have been persecuted for the crime of saving lives with cheap, repurposed, effective medications which afford no profits to the pharmaceutical industry. … More Eyes on the Ball

Dear Pfizer : Leave the Children Alone

The newly formed Brownstone Institute published Dear Pfizer: Leave the Children Alone, a short article by Dr Paul Alexander in October. He explains the pathophysiology behind why children are at low risk of Covid disease, and why vaccinating children is “absolutely reckless, dangerous based on lack of safety data and poor research methodology, and without … More Dear Pfizer : Leave the Children Alone

Do It For Freedom

“It seems to me, early on, there was an intentional, very comprehensive supression of early treatment in order to promote fear, suffering, isolation, hospitalisation and death. And it seemed to be completely organised and intentional, in order to create acceptance for, and then promote mass vaccination.” ~ Dr Peter McCullough speaking to Joe Rogan Dr … More Do It For Freedom

Building Back Better

On 2 October 2021 Dr Peter McCullough spoke at the 78th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons. He works tirelessly, courageously, and at great personal expense, to return the basic principles of honesty and integrity to public health. Dr Rochagne Kilian, an emergency medicine physician in Canada, with infectious disease speciality, … More Building Back Better