Sixty Seven Percent

Robert F Kennedy Junior spoke at the 2nd Annual Budapest Covid19 Conference. I have shared this link before but it’s so good I’m resharing it and have transcribed most of it below.

He talked about some of what he learned during research for his book “The Real Dr Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health“. All profits of the book will go directly to Children’s Health Defense, to fund their work which includes research, advocacy and communications. Kennedy Jr is one of the ever-growing number of people being labelled “anti vax” for daring to expect proper pharmacovigilance in the face of the pharmaceutical industry’s take over of health services, and of society in general as digital control is rolled out globally. He has no anti-vaccine philosophy, but a pharmacovigilant philosophy, including research and advocacy which should be independent of those profiteering from the industry. This was once an assumed part of public health.

Kennedy has investigated military and intelligence agency involvement in what he calls a biosecurity agenda. Tony Fauci and Bill Gates are front people for this agenda imposing the same totalitarian controls across nations.

Event 201 was a pandemic table top simulation which took place in October 2019 in New York, when SARS-CoV-2 was already circulating, under sponsorship of Bill Gates and some of the intelligence agencies. Kennedy describes how Event 201 “uncannily predicted all of the things that would happen”, with a laboratory generated Coronavirus that would begin in China and spread globally. Event 201 was not a unique event and Kennedy’s research has uncovered at least 20 such pandemic simulations over a number of years.

The biosecurity agenda began around 2001, at the same time as the Anthrax attacks in New York, and Kennedy describes political activities that occurred in relation to these attacks. At seven years old Kennedy remembers Dwight Eisenhower’s speech in which he warned America that their democratic institutions would be subverted and destroyed by the military industrial complex, which he said was growing too big and would soon overwhelm democracy. This speech was one week before Kennedy’s uncle, John F Kennedy, was sworn in as President. JFK then spent three years fighting the military industrial complex, refusing to send combat troops to Vietnam, Laos, Cuba, fighting the CIA and Pentagon, until he was eventually assassinated. Six months after his death, under President Johnson, the first troops entered Vietnam.

In 1968 Kennedy’s father Bobby Kennedy ran against President Johnson, speaking out against the Vietnam War and the military industrial complex, and he was also assassinated. Twenty years later, in 1988 the Soviet Union collapsed and the Berlin Wall fell. America were promised a “peace dividend”: “that we would no longer have to spend a billion dollars on stealth bombers … and that money would return to civilian use, for roads, bridges, railroads, hospitals and schools. America would become that shining city on the hill, the example to mankind of what democracy could accomplish”.

Five years later the 1993 World Trade Centre was attacked and the money returned to defence, for the new enemy of Islamic terrorism. “Terrorism had a great allure to the military industrial complex, because it is not a nation. It would not let us down like the Soviets did” <by collapsing>. It was a tactic, not a country, and it would never go away. However, the drawback was that Islamic terrorism was not killing so many Americans on home soil, making the diversion of GDP towards something that wasn’t threatening people harder to justify. By 2001 when the 9/11 attacks occurred, the military industrial complex were already looking at germ warfare and biosecurity as the future of its financial and power prospects. “Germs are so much better than Islamic terrorists, who destroy a few buildings and blow up some airliners. But germs can go into every American home and kill their occupants. So as a wellspring of fear, there’s nothing like germs”.

Three weeks after 9/11, Anthrax parcels were sent to a number of senators and people in the press, killing a number of Americans. This was blamed on and used to justify “jingoistic hysteria against Saddam Hussein”, claiming he had weapons of mass destruction. A year later the FBI completed their Anthrax investigations and determined it had come from the US military laboratories. By then America had increased their biosecurity budget from $130 million, to between $6-$8 billion.

Anthony Fauci became involved in this billion dollar budget, [as head of the National Institutes for Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) at the National Institutes for Health (NIH)], receiving about $1.6 billion of the total biosecurity budget. This is when he began gain of function research, which Kennedy describes as “dual use studies, allowing you to pretend you are developing a vaccine, but you are actually developing a bioweapon”. America had signed a treaty in 1972 agreeing that they would not develop bioweapons, and so this dual use technology allowed them to circumvent this. The military industrial complex then started channeling huge amounts of money into “biodefense”, which was in fact increasing the pathogenicity of wild viruses, making them transmissible and deadly in humans.

In 2014, micro-organisms from three laboratories that Tony Fauci was responsible for in the USA, “escaped” from the lab. Three hundred prominent scientists wrote to President Obama at that time, and 21 of Fauci’s gain of function studies were closed down. However, Fauci then began to funnel studies “through a zoologist grifter associated with the US military, Peter Daszak”. Fauci began laundering money through Daszak, to the Wuhan laboratory.

Tony Fauci’s civilian budget is $6.1 billion, plus $1.6 billion from the military, giving him a total budget of $7.7 billion. His military functions are absolutely critical to his power, and he is able to give away an extraordinary amount of money each year. He gives away about 13 times more than Bill Gates gives away annually.

The National Institutes of Health have about 300,000 scientists on their payroll, whose main work is drug development trials being conducted globally. “Virtually all the virologists in the world are employed in that effort. And that is why every virologist in the world knew when they saw the genetic sequence to the coronavirus, that it was laboratory generated. And yet none of them spoke out for a year … why is that? Because all of them are taking money from Tony Fauci. And that is how he exercises control. He can destroy careers, he can make you, he can ruin institutions.

Whole universities in our country like Harvard, Baylor, Berkeley, Columbia, are getting hundreds of millions of dollars a year from Tony Fauci. And if they do the wrong kind of science, if there’s a faculty member at those universities who say wait a minute, I want to study the links between vaccines and autism. A deputy of Tony Fauci will call the Dean of that university and say, if you let that clown do that research, we will bankrupt your university. So he not only dictates what science gets done. He dictates what science does not get done around the globe. And he dictates the outcome of that science. He is the most powerful medical official in history. And as we have seen now, he has the power to shut down the global economy, to bankrupt businesses, to shut down churches, to suspend our Constitution”.

“As he was accumulating this money and power, the military and Bill Gates, Tony Fauci and the intelligence agencies were practicing these simulations. As I said, they did about 20 of them between 2000 and 2020 … Each one of them would bring in different groups of people. They were simulating a global pandemic, but they weren’t doing any of the things that you would want them to do, such as how do you prepare for a pandemic? How do you build peoples’ immune systems? How do you warehouse and stockpile … the things that people will need to make them healthier? How do you train people to improve their diets and get exercise? How do you develop a communications infrastructure, so the doctors can talk to each other? And the people on the frontline developing treatments … can report those in a way that brings attention to the things that are working around the globe? And allow doctors to treat patients in different ways, and communicate with each other? … How do you develop isolation hospitals? … You don’t isolate healthy people, you isolate the sick, you isolate the vulnerable. You don’t take an older, sick person and put them in a nursing home with a lot of older people who are not sick, and kill them all”.

“None of that was discussed in any of these simulations. How do we preserve Constitutional rights in a pandemic? In the USA Constutition there is no pandemic exception. And by the way, the framers of the Constitution knew all about pandemics. During the American Revolution, George Washington’s armies were sidelined for three months because of a Smallpox epidemic. Also, when they wrote the Constitution, they were very much aware that epidemics could have a devastating effect on society, on the military and on security. But they did not make an exception”.

“These things were never discussed. There was no soul searching about it. Do we need censorship? There was no investigation whether masks work. Whether social isolation or social distancing works. Whether lockdowns work. None of that was explored … “

The only thing they practiced in all of those pandemic simulations was, how do we impose draconian, totalitarian controls on society? How do we use the pandemic as the provocation to remove Constitutional rights from populations, from democratic societies all over the globe, and do it simultaneously? And they drilled it again and again. Each one of these drills had famous people in it … senators, CIA people, congressmen … who would give the scenario an air of legitemacy and of collective authority“.

“Each one of them did the exact same thing. They kept drilling … what do we do? How do we censor the press? How do we censor social media? How do we lock people in their homes? How do we shut down businesses? How do we suspend jury trials for the whole population? How do we suspend due process of law? How do we shut down businesses without having to compensate people? And they drilled it again and again and again”.

“That this militarised response to a pandemic was the only permissible response. There was no medical response. It was a weaponised vaccine, and militarised totalitarian authoritarian controls. And they did it again and again and again and again. And each time they had more people. And they were doing most of them in top secret. But they were doing this with countries simultaneously, in all the nations of Europe, Canada, Mexico, and all around the world. They were doing the same thing with the top officials. But also, they were drilling, in some cases, tens of thousands of people, who were participating in local hospitals, on local first responders, firefighters, paramedics, police, FBI, CIA. All of these different groups were involved”.

“And what is the effect of that? The effect is that all of these people know what their role is when it comes. And none of them are going to question it. None of them are suddenly going to do soul searching, and say wait a minute. Are you sure the vaccines work? Are you sure we should be giving experimental vaccines to entire global populations? … With long diagnostic horizons, so you won’t see them in a three month study … How do we mandate this for 7 billion people? It’s never been done before, nothing like that? Why would anybody go along with that? … And yet we do it because they were drilled again and again and again”.

“And all of these simulations use the techniques that were developed over the past 30, 40 or 50 years by intelligence agencies. About how to impose centralised controls on indigenous societies. All of these psychological warfare techniques are about going into an indigenous country, and shattering social relationships. Destroying the economy. Demoralising the people. Creating chaos. So that in the end a large number of that population are so frightened. You can put the entire population under house arrest. You induce in them a psychological state that intelligence agents and psychological warfare experts call Stockholm Syndrome. Where the people who are locked up and isolated begin to empathise with their captors. And they become obedient and compliant. And they believe that the only way that they can escape is through absolute obedience. And that is the purpose of these techniques, of isolation etc, is to induce those states on the population as a whole”.

“The CIA did about 145 of these different experiments in colleges and universities in the USA and Canada during the 1950s and 1960s. They were about how to control populations, how do you control human behaviour, how do you shatter social relationships, so that people will become obedient. Independent people, with a tradition of freedom, of independence, of irreverence. How do you overcome those things and overcome their conscience, and get them to comply with something that they know is wrong?”

“One of the famous experiments that took place is the Milgram Experiment. A Yale psychologist called Stanley Milgram recruited about 50 volunteers. He would have them in a room with a man who looked like a doctor, standing behind them in a white coat. And the volunteer would be instructed to turn a dial which he believed was giving an electric shock to a person in the next room, who he couldn’t see. But he could hear their screams. He could hear their pleadings for mercy, for him to stop. And he wold be ordered to do it. And despite the screaming, he would do it anyway. And many of the subjects of this experiment were crying, begging the doctor to let them stop. And the doctor would tell them no… and if the doctor ordered them to do it, 67% of Americans of every walk of life: doctors, lawyers, college professors, construction workers, gave fatal levels of electricity, knowing that it might kill the subject. And not wanting to do it but doing it because a doctor, a man in a lab coat, told them to”.

“And Milgram determined that authority would trump conscience in most people. And this is a lesson that the intelligence agencies have learned. That if you put somebody up there, globally, who you call a doctor, who’s wearing a white lab coat, who has the air of authority, and he tells you to do things. Even if he tells you masks don’t work, then a week later he tells you to put on a mask. With no scientific studies cited. You’ll do what you’re told. Then a month after that he tells you to put on two masks. You’ll do it. All of these psychological warfare techniques are designed to overcome critical thought. Overcome any kind of spiritual connection that we have, any kind of analytical mind. And to override democracy, to override our conscience, to override our capacity for critical thought, and to get us to comply”.

“They drilled it again and again and again. The first big one of these was called Operation Lockstep. Because the point was to get many many different government agencies, individuals from the corporate world, from the medical regulators, from the military, from the intelligence agencies, from the local police, from the first responders, in countries across the globe. All to walk in lockstep. And all to do the same thing at the same time. To enslave our societies and to clamp down these suffocating totalitarian controls”.

And so what I would say to all of you, is by being here today, at this conference, you are resisting. And that is what we all need to do. We need to resist. We need to educate each other. And we need to teach, re-teach, our brothers and sisters who are not in that room with you, how to come back to the world of critical thinking. And how to see the truth of what is happening to all of us around the globe. To reclaim our democracy. To reclaim our governments. To reclaim public health. And to protect our children”.

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