The Time To Stand Is Now

Probably the most informative documentary available to describe exactly what is happening to our world today is The Corbett Report: Bill Gates Full Documentary.

Whilst qualified experts with specialised knowledge on issues from clinical medicine to epidemiology continue to be censored aggressively, Gates holds forte with mainstream media including news channels, comedian shows and printed media. His pseudoscientific ideas about public health are pushed onto society, painted as being supported by evidence when they simply are not.

Does that not seem odd?

The HighWire with Del Bigtree offers intelligent analysis of science and politics. This week he covered a number of topics, and in particular the global rollout of “Common Pass”, a digital infrastructure that will allow those in power to enforce mass compliance to their various requirements. Where it comes from, what it’s connected to and how they plan for it to work are discussed by a co-founder of Protection of the Educational Rights of Kids (PERK), Amy Bohn. If we don’t take notice of this and start opposing the stages already in place, it will be enforced before we even realise it’s happening. The interview begins around 1h11m into Episode 238.

Investigative journalist Whitney Webb also discussed the evidence she has uncovered relating to the same issues of population control, at The Last American Vagabond. Cyber crime as the World Economic Forum’s next global catastrophe, leading to the requirement of passports to regulate access to the internet including banking rights. Using cash can help us oppose these plans by limiting the success of the digital currency takeover.

The Commons Project began in 2019 as a World Economic Forum and Rockefeller Foundation initiative bringing us the Common Pass. It’s hard to imagine that anyone is going to want these severe restrictions to life, economic activity and human rights. The more of us who understand the plans in place, the less likely they can succeed.

Our Constitution and freedom is really the thorn in the side of these globalists, the World Economic Forum, the Great Reset. We’re getting in the way of this plan which was supposed to roll out a whole hell of a lot smoother, I imagine? ~ Del Bigtree

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